Deep State Sabotaging Korean Reunification & Kim-Trump “Summit of the Century”(Videos) – June 18, 2018

It did not take long for the Deep State to respond to the just concluded Kim-Trump “summit of the century” in Singapore. Deep State CNN has just reported that the DHS [Deep State Homeland Security] identified a new North Korean Typeframe malware which could infect corporate and government servers, according to, just like its CNN counterpart, is obviously anti-Trump when it published the “The scary truths about Trump’s nuclear summit… In which Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un compared the size of their nuclear buttons.”

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Trump to support ending federal prohibition of marijuana — NaturalNews – June 11, 2018

(Natural News) Just a little more than 500 days into his first term, there are already signs that President Donald Trump will cruise to reelection in 2020. The economy is not just humming along, it’s roaring. Wall Street is up; housing starts and values are up; retirement earnings are up; unemployment is at historic lows;…Read more

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