(Videos) X 22 Report: Boom Week Ahead, C Comes Before D, No Sleep In DC – Episode 1866 — May 13, 2019


Nigel Farage is winning, his party has taken the lead, the people are speaking out. May has not delivered what she promised, the EU is trying to control the deal, next phase coming. The [DS],MSM and the [CB] didn’t see Trump’s shadow trade deals coming, now its to late, China is not that big of a worry as the MSM might have you think. Judy Shelton might be a contender for the Fed, she is also a gold bug. Sweden is going to reopen rape case, this is being done so Assange does not get extradited to the US. Trump calls out FBI Directory Wray, is this being done on purpose to have Wray push what he has. No D’s have looked at the unredacted Mueller report. Rep Ratcliffe says Comey is or might be investigated.Pompeo goes to Brussels to try to get the EU to drop the Iran deal. Q drops more bread. Boom week ahead, Is Collins about to drop the hammer.

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(Video) Edge of Wonder: Civil War in Ufology: Corey Goode BOMBSHELL Interview – Rockefeller, Corporate & Intel infiltration – May 8, 2019

Edge of Wonder

In our most con_troversial to date with Insider Corey Goode, we dive deep into how the Rockefeller’s and Rothschild’s have infiltrated the entire #UFO #Disclosure community and how some of the top people in the community have ties that go back to the #DeepState. We also get into why technology is being suppressed, Qanon document dumps, the deep state tactics, and the Rockefeller civil wa_r!

Video Premiered May 7, 2019: Edge of Wonder

(Videos) X22 Report: Unforgivable Acts, November Warning Is About To Drop – Episode 1859 — May 5, 2019


The Brexit Part is soaring in the European Parliament polls, people want the BREXIT. The EU is trying to stop it. The auto implosion continues, Germany is reporting a decline in car registration. The MSM trying to spin the great economy by saying that Trump keeps stepping on his message. Additional tariffs go into effect next week, Trump is using this a leverage. The [CB] admits that the 1% get wealthy with the help of the [CB]. Nadler give Barr until Monday, or else. Nadler has a conflict of interest his son works for the firm investigating Trump. Nunes calls out Mueller, saying that Mifsud should have been investigated. Nunes wants to know how many people were spying on Trump. Back in Nov Trump warned Obama that he would not forgive certain acts, they are about to drop. JW finds FBI missing notes, find HRC emails. NK has a drill and the MSM makes it seem like they fired ballistic missiles. The [DS] is now using their ammo trying to explain why it was legal to spy on President, the patriots are setting up the [DS].

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(Videos) Utsava Psychic Medium Predictions – May 5, 2019

Utsava psycic medium

04-2-2019-Deep state deleted this video–Soros,Pelosi,HRC,Bush.Anon confirmed Utsava’s predictions.

Utsava Psychic Medium

Published on Apr 21, 2019

Right again-Anon info:Soros,Pelosi, Ruth,Pence, Clinton,Bush,Funeral, Executions./Tesla plate. Soros is executed, Ruth Guinsburg is dead-Anon confirms Utsava’s prophecies-Learn more about the Bush senior funeral, what was on the cards, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Julian Assange, Ruth Ginsburg and more. Learn more about the Tesla Purple Energy plates.

Video (41:31)


Utsava psycic medium b

The Truth about the Witch hunt,JFK junior,Brexit,Royals news-Trump about the Measles Vaccines.

Utsava Psychic Medium

Published on Apr 28, 2019

Why did Trump suggest to get the measles vaccines? When will JFK junior reveal himself? What about Brexit and the Queen of England? More information about Hillary Clinton, Soros and more! You don’t want to miss this information! Learn more about the Fisa, what happened at the Bush senior funeral, about Bush junior and more! You won’t be disappointed.

Video (44:40)

(Video) X22 Report: Coded Message Sent, Newly Discovered Evidence Will Be Made Public – Episode 1853 — April 29, 2019

Published April 28, 2019

The US debt problem is getting worse and the new FICO scores are making it all a lot riskier. Charge offs are on the rise and the credit card debt level is rising. India is now accumulating tons of gold just like Russia and China, they are considering making gold a mandatory financial asset. There is now a call to change the Fed mandate from a dual to a single mandate. Trump is maneuvering to place a gold bug into the fed to push the gold standard. Biden continually pushes how there is no scandal during Obama’s Presidency, this is about to change. GP says that Trump contacted the Italian PM once Mifsud was located. Florida pushes new bill to make sanctuary cities illegal. [DS] tried to push another event. Q drops more bread, Comey tweets another message.

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(Video) X22 Report: Trump Ready To Declassify It All, The Manchurian Candidate Will Be Exposed – Episode 1852 — April 26, 2019

Theresa May realizes that her plan will not pass, so she decided to abandon plans for an early vote. The economy grew by 3.2%, of course this is manipulated by the magic wand, remember when they were trying to make believe that 1% was going to be the new normal under [BO]. Global growth is slowing but its not because of tariffs, this happened during the financial crisis and the US had no tariffs. XI promised to go after corruption and make economic policies more transparent.Kudlow is guessing that the Fed will lower rates. Trump is ready to take over the Fed, why because the people need to take back control. Since the Mueller report was released Concord Management is pursuing legal matters against Mueller. [RR] admits that the FBI was leaking to the MSM. Trump uses the word overthrow and attempted coup when talking about the BO administration. Trump backs out the ARMS treaty, we will not ratify. Q drops more bread, points the finger at the Manchurian candidate, he is about to be exposed.

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