50 Signs of Quantum Upgrades – July 23, 2018

This is a blog post from early this year that our friend DT the ET offered as a juicy reminder on his own blog, and it resonates beautifully for this week as well. 

Several of these are already a given for happily a great many of us.  There are some, though that we may read and feel relief that there’s good reason for whatever confusing thing has presented itself in our journey. 

Now, whenever I feel a mysterious and potentially troubling physical manifestation, I put my attention on it and speak out loud my intention that it be in the name of the light and for the highest good of all concerned to accept whatever upgrade, activation or adjustment is needed.

50 Signs of Quantum Upgrades

By Morag, January 10, 2018, awakening5dhealing.com


The Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Lightwave is well underway.

Expect fluctuations in the fabric of our reality as we pass through an intense electro-magnetic portal of Light. This lightwave brings us to a cosmic crossroads of timelines.

There are no clear predictions or pathways anymore. Everyone’s timelines are in constant transition. High voltage vibrations are recalibrating our mind, body and souls. We are leaving the third dimension.

Low density karma is being cleared at an exponential rate. Accelerated by cosmic light waves activating our DNA, bringing us online energetically with fifth dimension frequencies. Enough people have woken up, changed lifestyles, habits, thought and behaviour patterns, embracing expansion of consciousness. A tipping point has been realised.

What does all this look like? Feel like? How are others experiencing this recalibration of our mindbodysoul beings?

The list below is in no particular order. It is a snapshot of the evolution of a people and their planet to higher dimensions. An attempt to clarify the logistics of an evolutionary quantum leap in time and space. A complex and cosmic process boiled down to the individual, the macro to micro.

Do you identify with any of these signs and symptoms? If so, welcome, friends to the fifth dimension.

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