Top 10 real stories you’ll NEVER see again in American mainstream media | – July 17, 2020

(Natural News) Not only has mainstream media been corrupt, dating back to Vietnam and that horrific misinformation campaign, but today’s “MSM” has gone off the deep end, completely blacklisting any news about anything that doesn’t fit their narrative and hasn’t fit for the last decade. Obama made sure of that. From mass shootings at schools to day-of-birth abortions, the Left loves gore and their demented “sacrificial lambs,” but when it comes to Americans defending liberty or children’s health, mum’s the word across all media outlets, including TV, newspapers, most websites, and of course, all of social media. They’ll plaster mass-propaganda everywhere about wearing covid masks, but they’re all still for open borders, where millions of immigrants pour into America with every disease, virus and bacterial infection that terrifies all the crazy leftists. →

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Dear Black People, You Are Being Used And Set Up To Start A Race War! | Humans Are Free – June 19, 2020

Solomon Samuel Simone Raz From Chaz

(Humans Are Free)

The violent events that we are witnessing in the mainstream media are being orchestrated by the powers that shouldn’t be, in order to create further division and racism.

The narrative that they have orchestrated looks like this: →

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