Orangutan defends forest home from giant excavator ripping down trees — NaturalNews – June 11, 2018

(Natural News) As the problem of deforestation continues to spread around the globe, one brave orangutan has decided that he’s had enough. Loggers were tearing down trees left and right in the Ketapang Regency on the island of Borneo, when the orangutan began defending its home. Daring to climb across a fallen tree, the fearless creature…..Read more & video

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‘The Biggest Attack on the Amazon in 50 Years’ Has Just Begun in Brazil(Video) – August 26, 2017

Vic Bishop, Staff Writer
Waking Times

In what is being called the biggest attack on the Amazon in fifty years, Brazil has just opened a massive area of the rainforest up to mining. A formerly protected national reserve twice the size of New Jersey, which is home to several indigenous tribes, has been officially abolished and will be turned over to mining interests.

Sadly, the decision wasn’t even made by a democratic body or informed vote, but by a presidential decree which changes rules, effectively abolishing a protected area known as the National Reserve of Copper and Associates (Renca). Brazilian President Michel Temer’s time in office has been marked by scandal and corruption, most notably for offering concessions to big business interests in exchange for money and votes……

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What Happened to the Long-Lost “City of Giants” Hidden Deep Within Ecuador’s Amazon?(Video clip) — August 25, 2017

A team of researchers had discovered a while ago an ancient complex of pyramids and various structures in a remote part of the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest. They documented the site as best as they could, snapping several images of strange structures and artifacts and filming a couple of videos.This ancient city—beleived to have been built and…Read more

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Couple Create Sanctuary in India by Replanting Rainforest(video) – June 14, 2017

replanting rainforest

In the heart of the Kodagu district, India, lies the SAI Sanctuary – a paradise for native wildlife and plants. However, the sanctuary was not always the lush green forest that it is today. When Pamela Gale Malhotra and her husband, Anil Malhotra, bought the land in 1991, it was a barren wasteland, void of life. “When we…

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Carbon Dioxide Revealed as the “Miracle Molecule of Life” for Re-greening the Planet(video) – May 11, 2017

The “War on Carbon” is rooted in the most outrageously dangerous, dishonest and degenerate anti-science bunk that’s ever been shoveled into the minds of the masses. Far from being a “pollutant,” carbon dioxide is the “Miracle Molecule of Life” for re-greening the planet through reforestation. This essential molecule supports the entire web of life on…

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Shocking rainforest destruction linked to Pepsi – March 06, 2017


“A new report is shining a spotlight on some of the most ruthless destruction of elephant habitat we’ve ever seen. And the massive forest clearance is linked to the suppliers of snack foods sold by companies like PepsiCo across the world.

A field investigation by our partners at Rainforest Action Network uncovered the devastating clearance of already endangered forests in the Leuser Ecosystem. The only place on earth where elephants, tigers, orangutans and rhinos live in the same forest, Leuser is considered one of the world’s top priority conservation areas. It’s also the source of drinking water and livelihoods for millions of people in the Indonesian province of Aceh.

But Leuser’s critical importance is apparently of no concern to rogue palm oil producer PT. ABN. The company has been illegally — and rapidly — turning lowland forests into palm oil plantations despite being ordered out by the Indonesian government. So who has been buying PT. ABN’s conflict palm oil? Wilmar palm oil refineries, supplier of brands like PepsiCo, McDonald’s, and Nestlé.

We can’t let mega-corporations like PepsiCo, Nestle, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, and McDonald’s sweep the destruction of this priceless ecosystem under the rug — Watch and Share.


Lakota chief’s message for Humankind — Galactic Connection – Sept. 21, 2016

Thanks Tom!Sky Ships Over Cashiers Chief Arvol Looking Horse was born on the Cheyenne River Reservation in South Dakota and raised by his grandparents. He grew up learning the language, culture and spiritual ways of the Lakota. He currently is the 19th generation “Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe” and has devoted his…

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