Mike Quinsey Message – The Tree of the Golden Light – December 06, 2019

6th December 2019. Mike Quinsey.

Dear Ones, I cannot emphasise sufficiently the need to focus on your future, and give your visions of it your full energy, inasmuch that it would be pointless in still living in the past. You are all well into the New Age now and leaving the old behind as it has well served you with its purpose. Already those of you who have awakened will continue to do so and the ultimate goal is to experience Ascension. In the present time you are gradually rising up, and some of you will have already noted that your consciousness is expanding. You are being given help to understand the changes that are taking place that will enable you to eventually become Galactic Beings. It is largely your interpretation of events that is so important if you are to continue in an upward direction, and why holding on to the old understanding will delay your evolution. We have previously asked you to think big as Mankind will itself help influence the outcome and mould your experiences accordingly. →

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Mike Quinsey Message, August 23, 2019

Mike’s Messages

23rd August 2019. Mike Quinsey.

The changes that are taking place are all the result of the uplifting of the vibrations, and they are continuing to rise up and for those souls who are still tied to the lower vibrations. it is proving to be an uncomfortable time as they are unable to adjust to the changes. Consequently they are destined to stay at their present level until after Ascension when they will find themselves moving onto a similar planet to Earth. Naturally, those who have lifted up their vibrations will ascend with Mother Earth. There is no picking or choosing as you simply go to the level that is compatible with your vibrations. It is what you have been working for since the last Solar Cycle began and you are to be commended for having reached the higher level. →

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Mike Quinsey Message, July 26, 2019

(The Tree of the Golden Light)

26th July 2019. Mike Quinsey.

The unsettled countries of Earth continue to sort themselves out, suffering troubles and strife as major changes are often hard to introduce. People become used to a system of management and are reluctant to entertain something different, often fearing the changes that may be necessary. When the obstacles are those who govern some form of confrontation seems inevitable, yet it does not deter the people for holding out for what they want and believe in. It means that conflict is often unavoidable and no matter how long it takes the people will emerge as the victors. Since the New Age commenced in 2012 you are helped by new energy that has taken hold and it is lifting people to a level where ultimately only the truth can exist. 

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Scientists Find That Six In Ten Grieving People ‘See or Hear Dead Loved Ones’ — Collective Evolution – May 9, 2019


In Brief

  • The Facts:University of Milan found that there is a “very high prevalence” of people who have experience with receiving messages from their deceased loved ones, like seeing or hearing them.
  • Reflect On:Does consciousness exist outside of the body? Is biology necessary for for consciousness to thrive?

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(Video) David Wilcock — Ascension through the Ages – February 17, 2019

David Wilcock | Divine Cosmos (OFFICIAL)
Streamed live Feb 16, 2019

Join David Wilcock on a stunning journey into the ascension prophecies of ancient civilizations: Hindu, Zoroastrian, Greek, Roman and Tibetan.

David explains that these prophecies are not lost in the sands of time. They are incredibly relevant to the world we live in today… and the future we can all look forward to tomorrow!

Hear the “cosmic context” for the stunning events unfolding in today’s landscape. The “rabbit hole” is truly much, much deeper than we could ever have imagined!

Don’t miss this second-ever live David Wilcock event! We have now solved our audio problems (with a hardware splitter to get a true stereo signal) and we also have David’s animated, conference-ready Keynote slideshow ready to go on camera angle number 8!

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The Collective: On Karma — Era of Light – Januray 25, 2019

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective: Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you today. And today, our writer presents to us a question from a reader, who asks: It seems to me that the…Read more

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Past Life Dreams ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton – December 16, 2018

Past Life Dreams ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are excited to give you the following transmission because we know how eager you all are to receive the positive reinforcement that comes from us. We have been noticing a significant increase in the number of individuals on planet Earth who are accessing the past life memories that we were referencing in arecent transmission.

It is so important for you all to celebrate these little steps forward that youare taking because if you put your attention on certain aspects of life on Earth right now, you could get discouraged, afraid, or even angry. So this issome very good news.

The way that most individuals are accessing these past life memories is through dreams, and it doesn’t matter whether they recognize those dreams as past life memories. At some point, they will.

Now, those of you who are awakened can also receive your past life memories in this way, and you will know what it is you are receiving in the moment that you wake up and remember those dreams. But you can also receive the downloads that you are being given while you are awake if you rest and relax, close your eyes, and open your third eye to see what you can see. Whatever story comes to you is most certainly going to be a past life memory.

And we can say that with certainty because when you intend to receive those memories, you almost always do. What is more challenging for you is trusting that what you are getting is real or that it is relevant. All of these memories are helpful because they are connecting you to different aspects of themselves, and they are helpful to those who are still asleep in that it will become undeniable evidence to them that they have lived previously and that they willin fact continue to live after they die.

Now, in this lifetime of the shift, not everyone will die. But it is important for everyone who is on the planet at this time to awaken to the truth that they are eternal and infinite beings. This will be exactly what it will take for you all to shift.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”