STARSHIP EARTH: THE BIG PICTURE — Your Sunday Digest for January 24, 2021: History Repeats and the Revolution IS Televised [videos]

By Starship Earth: The Big Picture – January 24, 2021

Revolution, civil war, take your pick. We’re all working overtime as cheerleaders trying to provide an accurate ‘big picture’, shoring up the spirits of digital warriors who have adopted a defeatist attitude due to the events of this past week. Hollywood and the lamestream media are still corrupting reality.

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The Planet is Being Cleansed – Corona Virus is a “Cover” — Rumor Mill News – March 13, 2020

By: Mr.Ed
Thursday, 12-Mar-2020 23:47:42

The Planet is Being Cleansed – Corona Virus is a “Cover”

By Dr Kia Pruitt (via email)

We were told years ago that there would be an event that would quarantine America and possibly the planet, in order to make global mass arrests. We were encouraged to stock up on food, water and supplies. We were also instructed to remain calm. Marshall law may be implemented to keep people off the street while these arrests occur. Schools would be closed, flights grounded, airports closed, etc.

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