(Video) X22 Report: Durham’s Secret Weapon, [DS] Setup, Panic, Server Brings Down The House – Episode 1892 — June 13, 2019


The economic reset has begun, Trump has activated it when he started resetting all the trade agreements. Companies are now moving out of China and some are moving back to the US. Trump is disrupting the trade system the globalist setup and resetting it. Once the US is no longer the reserve currency the US will need equal trade around the globe, this is the first part of the reset.

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The global economy is Fake Phony and False – The Final Wakeup Call – June 13, 2019

Opinions, not facts.
People are being ripped off
What can be done about this destructive economy?
Gold backed currency is the answer


(The Final Wakeup Call)

The Longest Economic Expansion is nearing its end

The Monetary system, Welfare system and Warmongering elites, threaten to destroy today’s economy, leaving ordinary people crippled in the subsequent ruins. Debt worldwide is approaching an astounding $40 trillion, with no end in sight. The paper fiat monetary system has run for almost 50 straight years, while the last one lasted only 35 years. Our current monetary system is long overdue to be decimated. Peoples’ assets, savings, retirement, in short everything people have worked for is at risk.

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RV/Intelligence Alert: “Overlord” — June 6, 2019

Operation Disclosure


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

Today is June 6, the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

D-Day was the the start of Operation Overlord which lasted for 2 and a half months resulting in Allied victory.

It was the day the free world was united against a common enemy.

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Alternative News – April 6, 2019

Destroying the Illusion — [4.5] Vaccines and Autism, Glyphosate Lawsuits, Fluoride, Immunotherapy, Nipsey Hussle and Dr. Sebi

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RV/Intelligence Alert: “Undone” — April 6, 2019


(Reader Post) Open Letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi


X22 Report — Episode 1834: The Economic Patriot Plan Activated | [DS] Trapped

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Alternative News – April 5, 2019

Patriot Intel Report: “Let my People Go!” — April 5, 2019

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RV/Intelligence Alert: “Passed” — April 5, 2019


Economic Collapse News: ADP Jobs Report Shows Hiring is Crashing


Majority of Congress Charged with Pedophilia and High Treason


RedPill78 — JA to Leave Embassy, Mueller Team Fake News, MindFuror Thread Ashville, NC

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X22 Report — Episode 1833: Structure Change Coming | America for Sale

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Benjamin Fulford Interview: Asia Declares a New Era


Destroying the Illusion — [4.4] Sealed Indictments, Huber, Biden, NXIVM, MAGA Hat Attacker, Alex Jones

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Alternative News – April 4, 2019

Patriot Intel Report: “Brexit” — April 4, 2019

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Central Banking Exposed — Debt, Profit and Control


X22 Report — Episode 1832: Patriots Creating a People’s Economy, Confirmed [DC] Panicking

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X22 Report — Dustin Nemos: The Trend is Good, the Population is Prepared for Big Arrests

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Brad Johnson’s Earth Intelligence Report — April 2019

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Patriot Intel Report — April 3, 2019

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Alternative News – March 24, 2019


QAnon: The Largest Pre-planned and Coordinated Propaganda Event in History

The Prince of Darkness and Epstein’s Island

SpaceShot76 — Nobody Guilty Walks Away from this

David Wilcock — Antarctic Atlantis and Secret Space Program 2019


PrayingMedic — QAnon: Nobody Walks Away from this

It’s our World (Animation by Steve Cutts)

Updates about the Great Awakening Globally and the GCR/RV

Shocking Footage of a UFO Battle Over Nevada