Don’t Let Fear Control you | Sanat Kumara via Erena Velazquez — Voyages of Light – March 11, 2020

March 11, 2020

I am Sanat Kumara,

I am glad to be here today.

I want to give you my message to humanity. The Dark Forces had enslaved Humanity for thousand of years and kept them in fear by taking their power away from them. Their time is coming to the end, I am here today to remind you that. Their losing the battle with the Light, and all of you need to remember, who are and don’t let fear interrupt your path to Ascension.

The Negative Forces always tried all of their tricks to scare and keep everyone in fear. You need to let it go, it’s just an emotion, the emotion that doesn’t mean anything. You are much stronger than that and your winning the battle with our assistance from the Galactics, Ascended Masters and everyone else. You are almost there, you just need to remember that they can’t defeat you, and they can’t keep everyone in slavery anymore like they did for so many years. Their time is almost ending, you need to not react to all of the things that are happening in world, it’s all their tricks that they had in their sleeves, which they are now putting out. They always did and they will do that to their last moment. →

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Era of Light Report 1/4/2020: Earth, New Decade, Political Front — Era of Light

era of light report future is now eraoflightdotcom

(Era of Light)  Greetings friends! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj(KayRy). The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth

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Sanat Kumara: Gaia Is Ready For Her New Sovereigns – September 15, 2018

Sanat Kumara through Dancing Dolphin

“A massive cleansing took place this week.  You have a clean slate and Gaia is ready for her new Sovereigns!”

*Received Friday, Sept. 14, 2018*
Note:  Tonight I asked to receive messages for the Lightworkers of Earth.  Sanat Kumara came to speak after my Higher Self had given her message. This is the first time I have ever connected with Sanat Kumara and his presence was very powerful, calming and full of love.
I am asking this One to be patient now because I do have a further message and that is that I would like to announce that I am Sanat Kumara, I am the Planetary Logos of Gaia at this time. I have seen the many notable messages given here and would like to add my own essence to the message to Lightworkers of Gaia.
A cleansing has taken place, Dear Ones. A cleansing of the dark ones that have ruled Gaia for many millennia. This has been occurring for most of your lives to be sure, but the final clearing has taken place this very week. Mother God decreed that they no longer would be allowed to have a foot-hold on Gaia. Their time of power-hungry dealings and lives full of anger and woe would come to an end. She gave them many chances to comply to her wishes but they did not heed. They were indeed removed forcibly this very week.
This clearing was done by a combination of many forces of Light. You, Lightworkers of Earth, together with the Galactics and their Alliance of White Hats were mainly responsible for the forceful mass exodus of the dark ones from Gaia. It was a very difficult and challenging plan to be sure. Difficult, exhausting, heart-wrenching and not pleasant.  However, it was Mother’s decree so we all worked together to get it done. 
If you do not remember working on this massive project this week, do not be surprised. Many, many of you did indeed work on this project but it was a part of you that you are not aware of.
Like this One’s H.S. shared above, there are many pieces of you (Soul Sparks she called it) but you are not aware of most of them, only yourself in this 3D body. You may be a Nurse, Teacher or college student at this moment of this 3D life; but another part of you may be a Warrior of the Light!
I mentioned that this event was heart-wrenching and it was so because as Light Beings, we cannot imagine choosing ‘death’ over being reunited with our Creator. But these beings chose not to be reunited with their Creator, but chose to be taken to the Central Sun for reprocessing.
Lightworkers of Earth, of Gaia, my purpose in coming here tonight to share this message with you is to put you on notice that Gaia is ready for you NOW. She is ready for her new Sovereigns to take over and bring forth the New Earth that you have all created and built. 
Take your plans for sharing your new found prosperity and make them a reality for all. As your Planetary Logos, it is my charge to watch over Gaia and it is my honor to do so when the Lightworkers have decreed that they will step forth and create the new Golden Age!
We (all of us) who have worked to battle the dark these many millennia have worked to provide a ‘clean slate’ for you to do your new good works. We will all step into the New Earth together and use our skills and talents to the best of our ability. I look forward to working with you all. I will stand side by side with you, the Human Angels.  I am Sanat Kumara and I bid you Adonai this fair evening. Thank you for listening.
Source:  Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin
Credit: Era of Light

Sanat Kumara: Sanat Kumara Is Preparing To Go Home As He Has Nearly Fulfilled His Promise — Era of Light – July 4, 2018

I AM Sanat Kumara. And I Am overjoyed to be able to be with you here at this time in these moments. For long ago I shared with my brethren that I would be the one that would take this planet, these people, all of you through this evolution; through the various calamities, catastrophes, travails….Read more

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Message from Mother God and Sanat Kumara via Galaxygirl, June 10th, 2018 —

Message from Mother God and Sanat Kumara (6/10/18) | Galaxygirl Mother God and Sanat Kumara 6/10/18 Good evening children, it is your Mother God. I am here tonight on this evening of a great energy influx of pure Christed light…Read more

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The Arcturian Collective and Family via Galaxygirl, April 22nd, 2018

Message from Arcturian Collective and Family for April 22, 2018 Arcturian Collective and family 4/22/18 Greetings, we are the Arcturian Collective. We come today to discuss the rapid changes that are heading your way and in some cases are already…Read more

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Message from the Fathers via Galaxygirl, April 18th, 2018

Message from the Fathers for April 18, 2018 The Fathers 4/18/18 Greetings dear friends, I am Sanat Kumara, planetary logos, Ancient of Days. And I am joyfully here today friends with my brother in the light, Sananda, here as a…..Read more

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Sanat Kumara, Sananda and Friends: You Are The Change — April 9, 2018

Hello friends and family, I am Sanat Kumara here with a message for Humanity this day. Changing is coming. Change is here. And that change is you! We in the higher realms are elated and excited to appreciate and bear witness to your progress, the progress of the ages, and you are doing it quite…Read more

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Sanat Kumara: Relax and Let Love Flow — March 17, 2017

Dear all, what great times it is! From our horizons, what’s happening now on Earth is amazingly great! It’s like waves of pure light that pulses over the surface of the Earth and we see you, dear Lightworkers; you glow like shimmering diamonds scattered on the Earth’s surface, it’s wonderful to see, my heart is….Read more

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Message from Sanat Kumara for March 7-8, 2018

Sanat Kumara 3/7/18

Greetings dear children of Earth, during the great changeover form darkness into light. My message to you tonight is that of utmost simplicity, for you are weary and your days of transmuting are long.

Love persistently. For there is nothing else. Can you feel, can you see? Show up and be the loving presence in the room. This in itself will help you fulfill your mission as you are Christ-light ambassadors to those who are still in the process of remembering.

Love persistently yourselves, with all of your idiosyncrasies. Love those around you wherever your path may lead. And wherever you go, Love will lead the way, like a blazing torch of Oneness, so that all who see and feel your presence will know and remember that same power is within them as well. And that power is Love.

I am your Sanat Kumara.

Sanat Kumara 3/8/18

Dearest children, friends of old, it is I Sanat Kumara again with further information for you, as our message last night was short but sweet due to very real fatigue.

My message for today would be to trust that still small voice within you and to dare to listen to it for it will be right. For it is but a whispering of your higher self-aspect coming through to you for comfort and wisdom. Much of what you seek consultation for rests within you. For think of the myriad of lifetimes and experiences that you have had and can call upon for references. It is a dense library of knowledge that lies within you, truly! Do not be surprised by this still, but rise up and own your power, Humanity. For your awakening is nigh, and you, friends who are reading these words of wisdom are truly the way-showers. Of course no one understands you! It is because you are setting the curve and setting the bar as far as what ascension within the confines of human physicality looks like. And well friends, it looks like you.

So ground deeply within to your higher self and to the New Earth and be assured and be at peace. These times of tumultuous change are exhausting for our transmuters out there to say the least, and we all, the Company of Heaven and your Galactic brothers and sisters, all thank you for your service to Gaia.

Continue to listen. Do not be discouraged and be at peace. All is proceeding and I, Sanat Kumara, am always available for your consultation. We are a team. We are one.

We are one.
 ~ galaxygirl