Helicopter Surveillance – July 29 ,2016

Hi all ūüôā
Over a period of time have helicopters arrived on a visit. I have not invited them.
Those of you who read my¬†forward¬†posts from other sites.¬†Do you think they are conspiracy theories? I am not saying that everything I¬īm forwarding to my blog is true it is up to you to decide, use your own¬†judgement and listen to your heart.
Why will these helicopters come to visit because the criminal power users
don’t like awake and dedicated people who want to improve society for all. They
like sheep running in the pack and bleats. We are manipulated and cheated at all.
Enough is enough. This is our planet and our society. You are all my brothers and sisters and all of us have a divine birthright that is Abundance, Prosperity and Freedom NOW. Time to wake up, right? Take Care! Love and Light! I Love You! The Light Has Won!