VIDEO: Mel K With Author & Film Maker Sean Stone On Hidden History, The Deep State & Fighting Back 4-6-22

By The Mel K Show – Published April 7, 2022

Mel is pleased to welcome the talented author & film maker Sean Stone for a chat on hidden history, the deep state and how we the people can take back our soverginty. Darkness to light will prevail. God Wins.

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VIDEO: X22 Report Spotlight | Sean Stone – The People See Through The [DS] Agenda, Game Over

By X22 Report – Published April 1, 2022 

Today’s Guest: Sean Stone

Sean Stone is a filmmaker, media host, author, actor, poet, speaker, and above all, truth-seeker and spiritual activist.

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VIDEO: X22 Report Spotlight | Sean Stone – The Pedo World Is Deep & Wide, Epstein/Maxwell Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

By X22 Report – Published December 4, 2021

Today’s Guest: Sean Stone

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Documentary series: Best Kept Secret | Trailer by Sean Stone

Human trafficking, pedophilia, ‘Satanic’ politics… The Jeffrey Epstein scandal was the tip of the iceberg as Sean Stone, the former host of Buzzsaw, lays out the hidden agenda of the dark elite in this six-part documentary series…

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By Sean Stone | First published at 15:25 UTC on August 11th, 2021.

Juan O’Savin joins Sean Stone from Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium… Election Fraud. Government mandated Vaccines. A plandemic. The NWO globalist takeover is underway… but this is a time of deep faith. Can we believe the highest power is working with us and for us? It’s time to dig in because it gets even darker before the dawn.


Video: X22 Report Spotlight: Sean Stone – White Hats Are In Control, The Power Is Being Restored To The People

By X22 Report – March 6, 2021

Today’s Guest: Sean Stone

Sean Stone majored in American History, studying at Oxford and Princeton University . Sean grew up in the film world, acting in many of his father Oliver Stone’s films before becoming a director in his own right with Greystone Park. Sean also hosted the online show Buzzsaw ,SEAN STONE is an author, documentary filmmaker. Sean begins the conversation with the Biden presidency and the new world order. The people are taking back the power, when the people no longer listen to the President is that person the President. The states are taking back the power and pushing against the Federal Government. People are waking up, the people will take back the power.


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Oliver Stones Son Says Ghislaine Maxwell Case Will Implicate Many More In Hollywood | Collective Evolution – Sept 6, 2020

Collective Evolution | by Arjun Walia

  • The Facts: Sean Stone recently appeared on RT to discuss what more he believes the Ghislaine Maxwell case is going to reveal.
  • Reflect On: How many people inside of Hollywood and the world of big politics, and above, knew/know about this activity? Why were they silent for so long? Are we electing people involved in child trafficking/sexual abuse? How many are involved?

What Happened:

Read more & RT America: “Ghislaine Maxwell to shake up Hollywood – insider” (4:00) via — Collective Evolution