Trump’s Space Force could Expose US Military’s Black Projects, Claims Top UFO Researcher (Video) – July 13, 2018


Some of this article we’d probably dispute, but the mere publication of an article like it, discussing what’s discussed here (like black projects), shows where the conversation is leading – and how far it’s come.

Trump’s space force could expose US military’s black projects, claims top UFO researcher


Nirmal Narayanan, International Business Times, June 22, 2018

Donald Trump has recently ordered the military to establish a new branch named ‘space force.’  During a speech delivered at the meeting of the National Space Council in White House, the president made it clear that the sole purpose of the new force is to ensure country’s dominance in space. But, UFO researcher Tyler Glockner has now put forward a different theory about Trump’s space force.

In a recent video uploaded to his YouTube channel ‘Secureteam10’, Glockner says that Trump’s plans could expose a number of black projects run by the US military.

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As Glockner made these claims, many people argued that Trump’s move is aimed at psychologically preparing the general public to accept the real facts behind the existence of aliens. They even argue that an alien invasion is imminent and this is the major reason behind Trump’s decision to launch ‘space force’.

“There are a lot of people in the US government who are extremely against the Space Force. It makes me wonder why. My main thought is there has long been a theory of a secret space programme that is vastly more advanced than anything we could imagine. So people in the military will be against the idea of creating a Space Force because one already exists. These missions continue to be funded by black project dollars,” said Glockner in the video.

In addition, Tyler Glockner also talked about Solar Warden, an alleged space program run by US with the help of United Nations. As per conspiracy theorists, there has been a fleet of spaceships in the solar system safeguarding Earth from alien invasion and this fleet of human-made security ships are known as solar wardens.

The ‘Secureteam10’ video which was uploaded on Tuesday has already racked up 3,64,000 views, and spectators were quick to share their thoughts on these assumptions made by Tyler Glocker.

“I’m glad you touched on this. Mainstream media and a lot of other media type channels have kind of pushed this to the side when there’s a lot of info that needs to be told to the public in regards to this ‘space force’. I have found some crazy and shady things that just surround trump’s ‘space force.’ Something very fishy about [it]. [It] just seems as if we are all missing something,” commented INameless Network, a YouTube user.

“What everyone thinks of as ‘aliens‘ are actually Extra Dimensional beings (NOT Extra-Terrestrial). So when they say ‘Space Force’ they really mean 4th Dimensional Force,” commented another YouTuber named Leonidas. (1)


(1) Steve: Ahhh, not quite. Yes, they are higher-dimensional beings, but, yes, they are also extra-terrestrial. The two are not mutually exclusive.

Source: Golden Age of Gaia

Credit: Operation Disclosure


Mysterious Suspected UFO Wreck Spotted Near Antarctica (VIDEO) – March 6, 2018

Sputnik News

A dedicated UFO hunter has spotted what appears to be a bizarre-looking shape of unclear and possibly extraterrestrial origin, located on a frozen island near Antarctica.

The author and owner of Secureteam10, one of the most popular UFO-related channels on Youtube, made a startling discovery while studying Google Earth images of South Georgia Island – a British Overseas Territory in the southern Atlantic.

Video footage posted by Secureteam10 on March 3 shows a large oblong shape encased in ice with an adjacent trail that looks like skid marks, almost as if the object crashed into the ground and slid across the Surface.



“And it doesn’t look like your typical trail made by a snowball or just a piece of ice tumbling and rolling across the hillside. This trail here is extremely sharp and almost looks like it was created by something artificial, somethings flat; and almost as if you’d think of something that has wheels on it, or I guess you could think of a bobsled or it has metal sled bars on either side,” the author commented when studying the image.

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A number of people commenting on the Youtube video have however expressed their doubts about the object’s alleged extraterrestrial nature, while one person who claimed to have been a former member of a scientific expedition to the island insisted that the item in question is merely the result of a glacial slide.

Thanks to: Galactic Connection

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