ECETI Christmas Message: December 2019 — James Gilliland – December 25, 2019

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ECETI Christmas Message

We are living in exciting times. The previous evening 31 ships flew over ECETI, it was quite a welcoming party. I managed to get most of them on film. They each powered up over the house then phased out. They were Pleiadian followed by a massive Orion Council of Light ship. The planetary liberation is in full swing. →

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The Creator Writings by Jennifer Farley: Self-Forgiveness – November 6, 2018

Dearest one, there will be times you makes mistakes and false assumptions.  There will be times when a not-so-kind thing may come out of your mouth or you may become angry at silly little things.  This is all part of being human.  The difference between those that suffer a chronically negative attitude and ones that do not is forgiveness!  In the process of doing your work and clearing what you need to clear, a lot of emphasis is placed on forgiving but, how often do you include yourself in that scenario?  Today, you are being asked for practice a little self-forgiveness.  It is okay to start small and, when the time is right for you, work your way up to the bigger things.  You are here to learn and this is truly a huge part of it.  The more you practice, the easier it will become…especially with The Universe right beside you, lending a loving hand. ~ Creator

SourceThe Creator Writings

Healing – February 6, 2018


While you are shifting, memories of mistakes or acts of unkindness may come up.  And, along with those memories, regret, shame or embarrassment may come as well.  Once again, dearest child, this is not meant to torture or hurt you.  It is a signal from The Universe of unresolved issues that need to be handled.  Rather than running away from them or distracting yourself, this is your opportunity to face them head on and heal!  When released, those uncomfortable emotions will leave you with great, open spaces in your whole self that can and will be filled with Unconditional Love.  Remember, reparations will never be an act of futility…instead, it is an act of self-forgiveness and growth.  You are worthy and deserving of this beautiful gift; give it to yourself with Love! ~ Creator