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The American people are experiencing an unprecedented level of oppression, in having their voices silenced by the deep state and globalist social media corporations. Now, more than ever, we are subjected to totalitarian resistance from all sides, as the establishment wages a war against Conservatives for exercising their constitutional rights. In response, we have created this movement to represent the voices that are being unjustifiably silenced. It is time that the American people speak, and we are the voice to allow them to do just that. →

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Facebook Denies Shadow Banning, Receives Patent for Shadow Banning — Prepare For Change – February 6, 2020

(Prepare For Change)

Written by C. Mitchell Shaw,

Facebook has continually denied that it participates in the practice of shadow banning — a method of blocking a users’ posts or comments from everyone except the user who made the post or comment. But a newly granted patent shows that Facebook not only does practice shadow banning, but wants to protect — by patent — the method it uses for doing so. →

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9/11: The Official Narrative is Dying – September 13, 2019

“911: The Official Narrative Is Dying”

Operation Disclosure | By Patrick J. McShay

“Evidence linking these Israeli’s to 911 is classified! I can not tell you about evidence that’s been gathered, it’s classified information.”

*US official quoted in Carl Cameron’s report on the Israeli spy ring and it’s connections to 911.

The 911 attacks are one of America’s historic events that are memorialized each year on the anniversary of the event and no matter how much evidence comes to light to debunk the official narrative, the media liars refuse to report it.

Take the murderers of JFK, Martin Luther King, and Robert F. Kennedy. With the evidence that’s surfaced since they were thought guilty by the masses, few should still believe the patsies offered by the government were behind the killings, yet we teach these ridiculous lies to our children. Learning history in America means accepting lies, Don’t ask too many questions! →

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Edge of Wonder — Epstein, Microchips, QAnon, Animal-human Hybrid DNA, Comey, HRC, UFO Fleet – August 2, 2019

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Epstein, Microchips, Qanon, Animal-human Hybrid DNA, Comey, HRC, UFO Fleet – Edge of Wonder Live #19

By Edge of Wonder
Streamed live on Aug 2, 2019



James O’Keefe on deboosting – the latest Facebook backlash — – March 2, 2019

James O’Keefe from Project Veritas summons the latest scoop on the Facebook deboosting documents proving Facebook tries to control opinions, narratives and you…Read more & video: “CPAC 2019: James O’Keefe “They can stop one of us but they can’t stop an army” (10:22)

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