The Trump Report — The Final Wakeup Call – December 4, 2019

An objective evaluation

Two different governments at work simultaneously

All real Economic indicators are negative

Deep State versus Potus

Early elections

The global currency reset

(The Final Wakeup Call)






Away from Globalism

A powerful group behind President Trump, is supporting and guiding him all the way. President Trump has been informed in advance about the ten goals of the PLAN, to make America great again. Eight of these goals are; draining the swamp, border security, deregulation, breaking away from globalism, America first, ending the fed to bring back honest gold-backed money, the abolition of TTP and WTO trade agreements, and the withdrawal from the Paris climate accord. As is known; Only, ending the fed and bringing back honest gold-backed money, are still in the pipeline for completion. Continue Reading →

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The Case for Military Tribunals — Patriots for Truth (Videos) – February 24, 2018

We have created an easy-to-share flier regarding the case for military tribunals. Several of the videos included in the link were being censored by Facebook. We have put those links within this flier and ask that you share it throughout your social media platform. Make sure to save this handy link for dropping into comment boxes in YouTube, Redditt, Steemit and other places where folks might need some red pills…Read more & videos

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