[Video x 2] X22 Report: Episode 2347 — Who Controls the Fed?| Big Things About to Happen

By X22 Report – December 7, 2020

Ep 2347a – BREXIT Players Exposed, [CB] Control The Markets, Who Controls The Fed?

The players around the globe have been outed, Trump and the patriots can see the board clearly. NF is now reporting that BJ will fold and give into the EU for the great reset. The [CB] controls the markets, who controls the Fed.

Video(16:27): https://rumble.com/vbnwh7-ep-2347a-brexit-players-exposed-cb-control-the-markets-who-controls-the-fed.html

Ep. 2347b – The Case Has Been Made, Big Things About To Happen, The Tide Is Turning

The [DS]/[CB] are moving forward right into the trap. The [DS]/MSM have deployed all assets, Jan is going to be rough month. The patriots have trapped them, the case is overwhelming, white hat hackers have the evidence, the tide is turning, Trump and the patriots sent a message, big things are about to happen, buckle up countermeasures are coming.

Video(53:05): https://rumble.com/vbnwy5-ep.-2347b-the-case-has-been-made-big-things-about-to-happen-the-tide-is-tur.html

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Technofascism: Digital Book Burning in a Totalitarian Age — Humans Are Free – May 6, 2020

Technofascism Digital Book Burning In A Totalitarian Age

(Humans Are Free)  “Those who created this country chose freedom. With all of its dangers. And do you know the riskiest part of that choice they made?

“They actually believed that we could be trusted to make up our own minds in the whirl of differing ideas.

“That we could be trusted to remain free, even when there were very, very seductive voices — taking advantage of our freedom of speech — who were trying to turn this country into the kind of place where the government could tell you what you can and cannot do.” — Nat Hentoff

We are fast becoming a nation — nay, a world — of book burners. →

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