Skills — The Creator Writings transcribed by Jennifer Farley – May 19, 2019

As you grow and gain knowledge, the voice of The Universe will become more distinct and understandable. Just like anything else on your Earth plane, if you choose to practice, that particular skill will become stronger. Those around you are awakening every day on a scale never seen before and many of the messages received are similar in nature. This is The Universe’s way of giving you something that resonates until you have developed the means to interpret its messages for yourself.

Today, you are being invited to step into the gifts you were born with and begin using them on a regular basis. Humankind is heading toward a time when all will work together peacefully and without conflict…and it is coming much sooner than anticipated. Rest easy in the knowledge of being fully supported during this amazing process! ~ Creator

Source: Skills — The Creator Writings

Create Art, Not Excuses! — Wake Up World – May 17th, 2019

May 17th, 2019 By Fiona Reilly Guest Writer for Wake Up World

We all have creative endeavours that we would like to put more energy into. Ways of expressing ourselves that brings joy, fulfillment and perhaps a sense of liberation. Yet a myriad of things stop us and cause us to procrastinate. We find 101 other things to do rather than begin that project. There are dishes to be washed, facebook to be scrolled through and goodness knows what else to keep us distracted from that creative expression.

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