(Video) Destroying the Illusion — [12.16] Obama Gets an Envelope | Flynn | FBI Texts | Yellow Vests | Space Force | Big Pharma – December 16, 2018

Published on Dec 16, 2018

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Obama Gets An Envelope – https://bit.ly/2A1aIis

DOJ Inspector General Discovers 19,000 Missing Strzok-Page Text Messages – https://bit.ly/2PFme8j

Mueller Team Scrubbed Peter Strzok’s Texts Before Giving Phone to Inspector General – https://bit.ly/2ExjfgW

Johnson & Johnson Knew Their Baby Powder Contained Asbestos for Decades – https://bit.ly/2PE4bPR

Will the Space Force sit under the Department of the Air Force? –https://bit.ly/2A0MG7c

The Pentagon Is Declassifying Lots of Info About What’s in Orbit –https://bit.ly/2PG4dGN

I-Team: More details on government UFO findings could be forthcoming –https://bit.ly/2PG4nOp

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(Video) Destroying the Illusion — [12.8] Huge Q+ Proof | Scaramucci Confirms Q? | Pole Shift | Solar Storms | Sound Levitation – December 8, 2018

Published on Dec 8, 2018

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NYT Reporters Tweet – https://bit.ly/2C0bb63

Wild theories and empty seats at CPAC-style conference for the MAGA set – https://politi.co/2ElkfFa

Liz Crokin Trafficking Bill Tweet – https://bit.ly/2QAcxwD

How The CIA Used Brain Surgery To Make Six Remote Control Dogs –https://bit.ly/2RHVPIL

Massive solar flare to bring chaos, inflict $2 trillion in damage – bank’s ‘outrageous’ prediction – https://bit.ly/2E93U5o

Earth’s magnetic poles could start to flip. What happens then? –https://bit.ly/2QnOFNp

Scientists levitate objects by just POINTING at them –https://dailym.ai/2EaCFar

Could the world’s first bee vaccine save honeybees? –https://dailym.ai/2L4U1au

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Armada of Benevolent Extraterrestrial Ships Spotted Leaving our Sun – October 28, 2018


Date: Sunday, 28-Oct-2018 22:09:40

SourceRumor Mill News | By Mr.Ed

In Response To‘The Event is Underway’ – Breaking News via Philip Tilton 10-28-18 (Mr.Ed)


We have seen plenty of evidence of UFOs entering and leaving the sun portal for decades. One of these videos is about 4 years old to show you. The rest are current and explain why last month they closed all 6 solar observatories on earth…and it may be connected to the loss of NASA satellites at about the same time.

They do not want you to see the videos below. Some were removed and others have reposted them. 🙂

Clearly the earth grid/veil has been removed. This means it is safe now for the good guys to come in and help us. The Chimera Group Dark ETs are responsible for the placement of the barrier and it was ‘a earth booby trap’ (Toplet & Stranglet bombs) set to blow up the earth if the good guys tried to come here. Only the dark ones have been coming here and they are the ones our military & government made dirty deals with and sold out humanity long ago. 

They agreed to trade off world technology (to gain a military advantage over other nations) in exchange for allowing them to abduct humans for genetic experiments.

This is where the Secret Space Program (SSP) began. 

Now we have POTUS creating a new branch of the military to provide a place for it because it can no longer be kept a secret…nothing can. Disclosure is here and it means we need to know about all of it. And the future has a place for us in space so the SSP will be a secret no more. It will be no different than it is right now at your local airport…only now you will go a lot farther & faster. We don’t need rockets to go to space. Which explains why they could do away with the space shuttle program. 

So you may ask? How will we get to the (ISS) International Space Station if we have no rockets or space shuttle? 

Well…we will catch a ride with the Russians. You know…the guys we hate so much and fear of nuclear war all our life. (lies) 

None of it makes sense.

Well it got out of control and the dark ETs were only allowed to take a certain number of humans in exchange…but they were taking as many as they could get for years.

They got into a big shoot out at an underground base out west (DUMB) deep military underground base 

I think it was Dulce. Many military were killed but they could not say anything about it. (see Phil Schneider YouTube for more on that story)

This is why they can never come out and admit the truth about disclosure. Our government treats us like cattle…a tradeable commodity.

More will come out on this topic soon and I will report it as we go. For now check out there short videos so you see what they are trying to hide from us.

Mr.Ed 🙂

1. https://youtu.be/s1pc182A6xQ

2. https://youtu.be/La5E_xwZAGc

3. https://youtu.be/VG5TzH1x3jI

4. https://youtu.be/gvnDvtJLEIw

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(Video) Destroying the Illusion — [10.14] Vaccine & Climate Change Propaganda Push | Space News! | Kayne | Vatican | Federal Reserve | Trump to Reform Cannabis | Chinese Spy Arrested – October 15, 2018

Published on Oct 14, 2018

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Disclosure is Unfolding Before our Very Eyes – October 14, 2018


Travel News for the Collective Journey MENU


Posted on October 14, 2018

You didn’t really think that was a rocket last weekend, did you? It wasn’t a rocket. They tell you everything is a “rocket”.

How about the feature image above? Do rockets do that? That was the “SpaceX Zuma” rocket, they tell us.

And this?

Norway spiral

No, silly, that wasn’t a rocket. That was a “Russian missile test”. Yeah, that’s it. A Russian missile test. Actually, some say it was the opening of a wormhole used in space travel to move from one place to another instantaneously. Saves on fuel. And time—big time.

Rockets can’t do those things, but suppressed technology the US “secret space programs” have developed CAN. How do you like it so far?

The funny thing is, when I heard there was going to be another SpaceX “rocket launch” on October 7—I knew something was fishy and I looked for the updates and videos on that event right away because I knew there would be some “interesting” footage.

Folks, if you believe all these rocket launches are to deploy satellites to bring you better communications, faster Internet, speedier connections for your online games or early warning systems to protect you from dangerous earth changes, you really need to get with the program.

Earthlings have been going to space for decades—at least the “elite” have. They’re special. We’re the sheep and cattle. We just do what we’re told and fund their dreams. Or else.

I hope you like this spiffy technology because they siphon off trillions of American tax dollars every year to pay for it all. You own it.

The disgusting truth is, Americans are stuck down here on this planet—homeless, starving, sick, working three jobs to keep food on the table, handing over almost 50 per cent of what they earn to pay taxes, dying premature deaths from man-made, 100% curable diseases, and they are stealing your money for what? Secret “defense” toys and satellites to spy on everything you do, everywhere you go and even attack you, if they decide you deserve it.

The White Hats in America, including President Trump’s administration, are forcing the deep state’s hand and have decreed that the world will finally be told the the truth about extraterrestrials, space technology, and the breakaway civilizations living out there at remote outposts in the cosmos where they told us there couldn’t possibly be any intelligent life; that WE ARE ALONE. Lying turds.

Soon, we will hear the truth from official sources and President Trump’s Space Force will be used to legitimately protect Earth and her residents, funded properly.

So I ask: Do you want to go to the moon, Alice? No you don’t.

But if you want the truth about space travel, freedom from the lies, theft, manipulation and corruption of the deep state/Democrats/cabal/leftists—vote Republican.

Only a “red wave” can save America and reveal the truth about our miserable existence at the hands of psychopaths. It’s that simple.

Watch the following videos and then get excited, because things you only saw on Star Trek and far more are a reality, and have been for a long time.

See the astonishing footage from the October 7 SpaceX launch at our mothership showing multiple spacecraft preventing a nasty event from unfolding. ~ CB

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