The Key | The Creator Writings via Jennifer Farley – Aug 15, 2020

As stated before, you…the advanced soul, chose this time, this place, this moment and this situation.  You knew it would be beneficial to your growth and learning, leading you to a deeper understanding of the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of Infinity.  Even though it may not feel like it, your very presence is raising the vibrational level of your Earth-plane so that you may all move toward a peaceful and productive future.  Keep manifesting dearest one, it is the key! ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Source: The Creator Writings

Archangel Michael: This Year Will Present Powerful Transformations — Era of Light – January 6, 2020

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(Era of Light)

Greetings everyone. This is Michael.

Each of you have now entered a new year as defined by your calendars. This year will present powerful transformations–on your planet, between nations, and individually. This is occurring because of the continual energy increase that is now happening. You will find that there will be very little space now between each wave of energy influx. The waves have increased exponentially in their frequency and it will feel more like a continual infusion than an ebbing and flowing of light.

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The Council Of Creation: Into Higher Dimensions — Era of Light – January 6, 2020

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(Era of Light)  So many people are undergoing many issues at this time. It is a difficult time however; it is a time where change is starting to speed up even more. The earth realm due to some recent changes, are in the throes of moving to a higher dimension faster than what has been anticipated. The reason is because there have been a lot of recent clearing and recalibrating taking place especially in the second universe. Some planets have been dissolved and called back to source and some of them have been sent to nothingness. This created a lot of open space in the second universe and now the planets are moving in closer to each other and aligning themselves to fill in that open space that once belonged to other planets. So the earth is now moving into higher dimensions at a faster rate of speed. Many of you may be filling this in your lives in many different ways. People will react to it in different ways as well. Some people will suddenly pass away and sometimes for no apparent reason. Some people will get sick or feel sickly to the stomach and also headaches and dizziness. Some people will suddenly heal from an illness. Then you will find some people to become angry and picky for no apparent reason. Patience can be short. The feeling of being very tired or lazy can be a side affect too. You will see it in the animal kingdom as they start to act a bit differently. You may see or hear about some anomalies in nature around the planet. ➡

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