Facing Your Music… October 21, 2017


My beloved, you can only run for so long.  The things you attempt to hide from, that follow you and have been following you for quite some time are demanding your attention.  Rest assured; once you have ‘faced your music’ and release what you need to release, it will free up space for further growth.  Although it may feel challenging in the moment, The Universe always has and always will be there to support and protect you throughout the process.  You have been blessed with your existence, it is time to start living it! ~ Creator


The Native American Code of Ethics — August 17, 2017

Wherever you come from and whatever your circumstances, I think that this code is something that we should all try and live by. It was originally published in the Inter-Tribal Times in October, 1994 but it transcends time. Have a look and let me know what you think of this. How many of you are already living…

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Daily Message ~ Saturday August 5, 2017


Surrender is the grease to your flow. The more you can stay in a state of full surrender, the easier it is to move you to your perfect solutions, matches and creations.

So have fun with it! Imagine that surrender helps you have the most joyful, adventure-filled ride in the flow. Steer that flow with your gratitude and appreciation and start to see that surrender is not an arduous task, but rather something that is fun, exciting, and delightful.

When it becomes your preferred mode of operation, you will allow yourself to reap the many rewards it offers, and truly experience the magic and joy of co-creating with a universe that adores you and only wishes to serve you. ~Archangel Gabriel


Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 23 June 2017

Events on Earth are gathering pace as uncleared karma is working itself out, and as you are experiencing it would seem to getting worse. Please bear in mind that only those who need to clear karmic debts are directly involved,…Read more

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The Angels via Ann Albers, June 10th, 2017

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Worry is an unnatural emotion. It is born from feelings of disappointment, abandonment, lack, victimization, and helplessness. It is what humans beings have been trained to do and feel when they don’t know what to do and feel. It give the appearance of caring, when in reality it masks true care. It allows you to focus on being helpless rather than taking responsibility for creating.

Yet, we would never judge it for we know it is an emotional “disease” passed along from generation to generation, culturally supported, and often used as a tool for manipulation. If you worry enough, you will watch the news more often to feel safe. If you worry about your health, you will spend more to prevent disease. If you worry about being lovable you will spend more trying to find a mate, become “more” beautiful, or dress stylishly. If you worry enough about someone, you hope they’ll change to relieve you from your fear.

We say these things, not to be unloving, but to help you take a good look at worry and see it for what it really is. It is born from love. Beneath it is real love. Yet worry itself is not a very loving behavior, and serves little purpose. What lives beneath worry is beautiful. You care. You love. You want the best for yourself and those you love as well. This love is beautiful. It is truth. The worry, however, reflects fear – a fear that something bad can happen, a fear that what you wish for yourself or others will not happen, a fear of feeling powerless to control your life or the fate of someone you love, or a fear of the past repeating itself.

If you want to relieve yourself of the habit of worry (and we do see it as a habit, not your deepest truth!), focus on the love that is underneath it. Focus on what you want to create.

Suppose you worry about money. You say, “I am worried I will not have enough!” The love in you says, “I always want more than enough. I have abundance. I live in an abundant universe! What was I worried about? I create abundance! I focus on abundance… Oh, whew… I am already there and more will come.”

Suppose you worry about a loved one who is unhealthy or addicted. You say, “I am worried they will die or kill themselves! I am worried I am helpless to control that. I am really worried I will die of guilt and grief if they die. I am scared. I love them. I love me. I want to feel that they are safe. I don’t want to feel all those bad things. OK, what can I do? I can focus on their light. I can focus on their radiant health and happiness. I can pray and get everyone I know to pray. I can be healthy myself… Oh that’s it! I can support the vibration of health on this planet! I can take care of my own well being so even if they did die, I’d grieve, but I’d be OK. I wouldn’t be dependent on their choices for my own happiness. There, that feels better… Now I still want them to live but I am taking an active role in supporting life in general.”

You see yourself as powerless victims when you worry. We never ever see you as victims, but we know that through human habit and cultural conditioning, many of you have been programmed to play that role. Far more powerful to find the love beneath the worry and see how you can empower that love! You are incredible creators. Happily you create only weakly with worry and strongly with love!.

Choose to kick the worry habit. It will required some effort and dedication, but the rewards for you and all you love will be abundant and beautiful!

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Ann Albers Visions Of Heaven

Credit: Sananda website


Keep Singing – May 31, 2017

There will be times in your life when others ‘cut your sound and lights’ thinking it is appropriate for the circumstances.  They have ‘rules’, they may have a certain way of being and your song is not one they want to hear.  What do you do?!  Keep singing and shining bright!  Each human has their own way of going about life and just because yours is not what others want to see/hear, does not mean you should stop.  Instead of seeing it as an admonishment, look at it as a time to change venues.  (Smiling) ~ Creator

Source: The Creator Writings 

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The 8 Stages of Conscious Evolution – May 31, 2017

Stephen Parato, Contributor Waking Times Have you ever wondered… About what level of consciousness you’re truly at? Not in terms of it being a contest, or to say you’re better/worse than other people, but as a kind of inner GPS that simply tells you where you are. As humans, we tend to have very distorted and…

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Archangel Gabriel via Shelley Young, May 21st, 2017

As you continue upon your enlightenment journey, you start to recognize how important balance is, for it is through a balanced state you can better experience your alignment with Source, and from there navigate your life from your…Read more

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Excitment – May 7, 2017

Your joy, love and excitement in life has nothing to do with another person. Yes, others can be there to assist the great awakening within you, but it starts inside. Please remember this as you move through your Earth-plane existence. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings 

Credit: The Galactic Free Press


Your Life – May 6, 2017

You asked for and were given this particular life experience for a reason. It may be challenging to understand the hows/whys of it all but, here you are, fully in and doing what you can. It may not always be perfect, it may not always be sunshine and roses, but it is yours! My beloved…

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