(Video) David Wilcock Exclusive Interview On EOW: Who’s Behind Free Energy Disclosure? – December 14, 2018

Who is the solar power engineer genius behind the free energy generator and batteries that could be brought to your home in the near future? 

David Wilcock explains all on our part 3/3 in this exclusive interview where we dive deep into David’s prediction for 2019 and the future of #FreeEnergy, how the Deep State has infiltrated every aspect of our arts and culture, ancient structures on Mars, and why the cabal are afraid of people growing their innate spiritual nature. 

So hold on tight as we present you with this part 3 of 3 series episode with David Wilcock on Edge of Wonder.

Operation Disclosure



Steve Beckow — Wear Yellow on Saturdays to Say: We’re Awake, We’re Aware, We’re United – December 14, 2018

Wear Yellow on Saturdays to Say: We’re Awake, We’re Aware, We’re United

December 14, 2018

Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Steve Beckow

Credit: Hindustan Times

I’d like to see people around the world wearing yellow every Saturday.

I invite people everywhere to join in.

What we’d mean to say by it is this:

“We’re awake, we’re aware, we’re united.”

“We want peace and justice. We’re joining in the wearing of this color to secure them, peacefully.”

Anything yellow will do. A yellow shirt. A yellow shawl. Even a yellow ribbon.

And restricting it to one day a week, and a day when most people are not working, should make it do-able.

If millions participated until we achieve our aims, we could tip (1) public awareness, (2) public willingness to learn, and (3) public willingness to speak out and in other ways peacefully demonstrate.

Just one symbol can spark an experience of global unity that could change the face of the world. The assassination of John Kennedy was an example of such a spark. 9/11 was another.

But somehow we weren’t willing to act then. The sparks fell on wet ground. We regretted and adjusted and went on with life.

Years later, we see how deep the depravity in world leadership has gone – child trafficking and sacrifice, ubiquitous sexual harassment, the suppression of women in many countries, child labor, impoverishment, war, and genocide (eg., Indian children in Canada). We know how bad the situation is.

Never in human history have so many been oppressed by so few.

This is definitely a crossroads for the world. Do we tolerate the New World Order’s control over the world another day, another week, another year, with large numbers lost to child trafficking or regional wars, or do we take the world back – peacefully?

We’re ending the global suppression. The wearing of yellow is our declaration of independence. (1)

Timing is important. The matter is up now. The protest of the yellow vests in France is spreading. This is the time to act on expressing our solidarity with the people of France and the downtrodden of the world (among them, us).

We make this global declaration: We’re awake, aware, and united. Wearing yellow is our way of expressing it.

We invite all officers of the law and military forces to join us in restoring peace and justice to the world. Wear yellow.


(1) Someone create a #YellowForPeace.

Credit: Operation Disclosure

Master El Morya: The Experience of Awakening — Era of Light – December 9, 2018

You are ready for harvest. Beloved humans, this is the unchangeable truth – hear it again: you are ready for harvest. I am MASTER EL MORYA! But what shall be harvested? The real question is: Who? It is you who shall be harvested into higher dimensions of Being! And so each and everyone will ascend…Read more

via Master El Morya: The Experience of Awakening — Era of Light

The Creator Writings transcribed by Jennifer Farley: Coming Soon! – December 9, 2018

Before the next part of the world-wide shift occurs, you are being asked to re-examine what you would like your existence to look like.  Would you like to be around those that attempt to keep you exactly where you are for their purposes and reasons…or…do you prefer to be embraced by those of like vibrational level?  These may seem like very simple questions but, in reality, it is going to require some very deep thought.  Everything, absolutely everything, is beginning to move forward in quantum leaps and how you navigate these changes will be determined by you and those surrounding you.  Remember, the healing and developing has been, is and will affect your world.  Think passionately and choose wisely, dearest.  Your future is at hand! ~ Creator

SourceThe Creator Writings


The Ecstasy Within ∞The 9th Dimensional ArcturianCouncil via Daniel Scranton -December 9, 2018

The Ecstasy Within ∞The 9th Dimensional ArcturianCouncil

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are thrilled to see how many of you are looking within yourselves more now that you have gotten frustrated enough with what is available to you in the external world. Sometimes you need to get mad, or you need to feel defeated, in order to get to where you ultimately want to go. If the world were exactly as you wanted it to be, you would have very little reason to ever go within yourselves and discover how much is available to you.

It’s all there, and it’s all free. There is no travel required, no passports, no going through the long security line at the airport. You have the ability to tap into this beautiful inner world of yours any time you like, but most people never would without the catalyst that the disappointments in their lives often are.

So in order to get to where you ultimately want to go, trudging through the mud and the muck is often necessary. It may not be preferable. You may not find it to be fun, but ultimately, it gives you what you need to get you where you are going.

That’s why it’s so important to embrace everything that comes your way as a means of taking you to where you ultimately want to go. You have traveled so far already, and there is much more ease in front of you than there is struggle. But for the time that you have remaining in the fourth dimension, let yourselves be disappointed. Let yourselves get mad and frustrated.

And hopefully, ultimately, you will find that solace that always exists inside of you. You will find the love, the joy, the peace, and even the excitement in your inner realm. Certainly, there is ecstasy available to you at all times, and it is always just a few focused breaths away.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


(Video) David Wilcock Exposes the Scorching Truth about the California Wildfires – December 8, 2018

Premiered Dec 7, 2018

There has been much controversy over the #wildfire that recently struck #Paradise, #California, was it just a natural disaster or was it on purpose and if so who are the ones behind it?

Today on Edge of Wonder we sit down with author and researcher David Wilcock as he gives us this world exclusive interview on what he thinks is the cause and why it happened to this particular US city. And the answers to this question may just be out of this world.

So hold on tight as we present you with this part 1 of 3 series episode with David Wilcock on Edge of Wonder.

Operation Disclosure

The Creator Writings transcribed by Jennifer Farley: New Year Special -December 8, 2018

Are you ready for change? As the New Year approaches, it is time to begin thinking about what you want to co-create for yourself. You are invited to release triggers/negative thoughts and step forward into your new life!
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