Media Silent As Nobel Prize Winning OPCW Found “Fixing” Its Own Findings On Syria — Collective Evolution – November 9, 2019

(Collective-Evolution)  Douma, Syria, April 2018. Dozens of people die in a suspected chemical weapons attack in the eastern suburb of the capital Damascus. The United States and many European countries immediately identify President Bashar al-Assad as responsible for the attacks, and respond with deadly violence of their own, starting a bombing campaign against his forces. Yet new evidence leaked from whistleblowers suggests that not only is the Western story on shaky ground, but the report into the incident from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) deliberately suppressed evidence and testimony that contradicted the U.S. narrative. →

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Yeast found in vaccines shown to trigger autoimmune disorders — NaturalHealth365 – March 15, 2019

(NaturalHealth365) – by: Sara Middleton, staff writer

For a long time, vaccines were loaded with a type of mercury called thimerosal.  Research – including data shared by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences – shows this neurotoxin is harmful even at levels generally considered ‘safe’ by conventional medical standards and can lead to (among other things) autoimmune disorders.  But, not much press has been devoted to the problem of yeast in vaccines.

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