(Video) At Least 85 High Level FBI, DOJ, & CIA Officials have been Drained – February 1, 2019

Published on Jan 30, 2019

#HillaryClinton #JamesComey #RodRosenstein and yes many others still have so far escaped justice. However many others have been fired, forced to resign, forced to retire, etc. The Swamp is HUGE & DEEP Folks and trying to drain it is a major objective of #PresidentTrump and his Admin butt it is NOT easy. This video shows truthfully how that process has been so far. #DeepState #DrainTheSwamp #JoshBernsteinShow

The Josh Bernstein Show

Operation Disclosure

Bush Funeral Service Foreshadows A Series of Radical Events — Covert Geopolitics – December 30, 2018

Something extremely significant occurred at the Bush funeral — special envelopes point to swift and sure justice on the way.

Note the two Secret Service agents, with hands together and lowered, standing directly behind George W. Bush.

“By any standard what just went down during the Bush funeral is so HUGE it’s incomprehensible.  First, the National Cathedral was in total lockdown with so many VIPs in attendance of the biggest funeral since Ronald Reagan’s.  That means that no one got in or out unless given the green light by the Secret Service.

How, then, was the entire venue cased out so well in advance that videographers were in the perfect position to capture the extraordinary events that took place?  This alone tells you that a massive set-up was, and still is, in the works.  Not sure it gets any more serious than this.  What is soon to follow “the envelope affair” will surely be the most incendiary series of events of the Third Millennium.” — Intelligence Analyst and Former U.S. Military Officer

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(Video) Destroying the Illusion — [12.14] QAnon | Bomb Threats | Clinton Foundation | General Flynn | Worldwide Wave Anomalies – December 14, 2018

Published on Dec 14, 2018

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Operation Disclosure

(Video) Paul Hellyer — 9/11, the Banking Cartel, Global Warming, and Roswell – December 14, 2018

Published on Jun 26, 2017

Paul Hellyer exposes the cabal, the banking cartel, defence expenditures, global warming, Roswell, and 9/11. Filmed at the Alien Cosmic Expo in 2017.

Operation Disclosure

(Video) Destroying the Illusion — [12.3] Latest Q | New Indictment Count | France Protests | 11.11 Wave | Netanyahu | Pope | Fentanyl – December 4, 2018

Published on Dec 3, 2018

Operation Disclosure

The Deep State is in Deep Trouble (Video) – November 29, 2018

By John Mannifield  

Daniel John Bongino is a conservative commentator and former agent of the United States Secret Service. Dan ties together the same ole’ damage control system used to cover up every scandal under the sun in the United States since 2001. Bombshell information puts a new perspective on the deep state family that has over 17 years experience covering their trails of lies, scandals, scams, spy rings and election meddling of the 2016 presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump.

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