On The Way Up – May 8, 2017

It is time again to ‘hold onto your hats’, to grab that bar in anticipation of the upward climb of the roller-coaster again…because the next wave is on its way. (Smiling) As always, you can treat times like these with fear and trepidation or the thrill of anticipation. Whatever you choose to feel, know that the changes have been perfectly designed, selected for you and will always be for your highest and best interest. There is beauty in these moments, embrace them! ~ Creator

The Creator Writings 

Credit: The Galactic Free Press


Closing The Circle – April 25, 2017

You may choose to ‘close the circle’ on any number of people, places and things. They have come into your life to teach you lessons and you have learned well. Say a deep and respectful thank you to each one and walk away with a joyous heart because of your experiences with them. ~ Creator  

The Creator Writings

Looking Back To Move Forward – April 23, 2017


My dearest; yes, there will be days when you have to keep saying to yourself, “Just….one…. more…. step” or “just…one…. more…day”, and that is all you can do.  When your healing becomes challenging or feels as if it is going nowhere, it is time to look back to your past and ask yourself why the moving forward is becoming so ‘hard’.  The Universe will always show you what you need to heal from ‘back there’ to begin moving forward again in your now.  Trust the process. ~ Creator

Source: The Creator Writings