Experiencing Time and Creation | Alcazar Quotes — Voyages of Light – March 8, 2021

Experiencing Time & Creation

So, our logical way of thinking and our experience of time are going to change. We’re all very aware of the flexibility of time. Sometimes it seems like it’s going so slow; sometimes it goes so fast. Time is an illusion. It’s part of this illusory reality. But when you’re in it – when you’re in the human body – it’s very real. And so, when we’re bringing in more and more of our Superconscious self, our experience of this reality is also going to change. You can find that you have more ability to create what you wish to live rather than creating from old habit patterns.

– Prageet

New Day, New Dawn, Jan. 2021

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Time, Courage & Strength — The Creator Writings transcribed by Jennifer Farley March 13, 2019

You will often look outside yourself for something/someone to ‘fill in the blanks’, the empty spaces within.  This has and always will be an inside job. (Smiling) With the distraction of want, there is an effective continuation of what may be considered a fruitless search for happiness, love or belonging.  Looking for someone to save you will never be the answer.  The Universe is inviting you to look inside, find those empty spaces and ask what you need to do to begin filling them.  When you make the choice to take responsibility for your own feelings, the want will drop away…giving you the time, courage and strength to become the whole The Universe knows you are. ~ Creator

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Angelic Guides: What is Déjà Vu? — Era of Light – September 8, 2018

Today we would like to focus your attention on what is commonly referred to as Déjà vu. Many would describe this as having the feeling that you have already seen or experienced the exact circumstance that is currently being experienced. We have been asked to speak about this topic before however we felt that it…..Read more

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Traveling – June 24, 2018

This is The Universe speaking, you have reached your cruising altitude and are now traveling at the speed of light through time and space.  Do not be alarmed.  This is how all of you travel. (Smiling) This is where your deepest and most profound changes will take place.  As you navigate infinity, take some time to stop and see the ‘sights’.  Experience taste, touch and sound.  Embrace your human body as the vehicle for this amazing journey!  Each memory and ‘snapshot’ you take along the way is yours to keep if you so choose and….never forget the beautiful views! ~ Creator

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