To Know | Poem by Mia Pal — Voyages of Light

“To Know”

You say …
To know your essence
Is to be strong beyond human .
To know your essence
Is to beat this life’s trials
That are beyond human.
To know your essence
Is to love your now
Beyond human …

I am searching,
Searching for a sign from you,
I haven’t left one cloud unturned
Any star untouched,
Any tree or flower or sea.
I have reached the ends of this universe
And beyond
Beyond darknesses that closed into silence
As soon as I arrived
And beyond light as I knew it
Absorbed into the invisible light
Searching for a sign from you
But you were always there
Where we first met
You have never left
As I have never left.
All these stories that passed us
And we have never moved one step .
So I came back to that first day
To meet myself again..
Only to see
That all that is on the big canvas of life
Is just light, only the Light playing with colours
All colours of the universe
Breathing colours filled with sound and love
But it’s only a canvas
And it’s always changing
It’s only the Light playing
Your Light playing
The never ending game of creation.

Poem by Mia Pal

via Voyages of Light