United States Reset Has Begun – January 23, 2017

So far, the newly inaugurated Trump administration is doing as expected. The White House has just signed and EO to withdraw from TPP Trade Deal, and it is now sharing intelligence information regarding the specific locations of Daesh terrorists in Syria.

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350,000 People March Against TTIP All Over Germany — The Sleuth Journal – Sept. 20, 2016

(The Real Agenda) Up to 350,000 protesters, according to figures from the organizers, took to the streets of Berlin, Frankfurt and five other cities in Germany in protest against the planned free trade agreements of the EU with the United States (TTIP) and Canada’s (CETA) . Berlin’s march started around noon in the central Alexanderplatz…

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Europe Under Attack By Shadow Government Proxies

death to ttip

The shadow government hiding inside the Central Intelligence Agency that is responsible for the establishment of the European Union, and the White House is now blackmailing the EU to accept the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership agreement [TTIP], and to prevent a possible Brexit.

The US has mounted pressure on Brussels during recent talks on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, the German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung reported.

According to leaked confidential documents, the EU would have to significantly decrease social, legal and environmental standards to open European markets for US-made products.

Washington is almost blackmailing the bloc to make concessions, the article read. For instance, the US has threatened to reduce imports of European cars if Brussels rejects to buy more US-made agricultural Products…

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