A Sitting President Declares Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself! Implies Epstein Was Intelligence Operative — Activist Post – December 29, 2019

By Spiro 1

(Activist Post)  In yet another bizarre twist to what will likely be the biggest story of 2019, a current president has come forward in an interview stating that convicted sex offender and billionaire Jeffery Epstein did not commit suicide and was actually murdered!

While many of us may already have our doubts about the official story on Epstein, no one can deny the significance of what this current president has stated.

Watch this video report and witness what you will never see or hear in the Western mainstream media like Fox News or CNN. These statements completely dispute the official narrative put out by Western government and parroted by the Western media.

This president also spoke freely about other recent high-profile deaths including reported suicides, raising serious questions about the involvement of intelligence agencies and covert operations.

Video via Activist Post: https://www.activistpost.com/2019/12/a-sitting-president-declares-epstein-didnt-kill-himself-implies-epstein-was-intelligence-operative.html


By Judy Byington

Note: Disturbing information

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Jeffrey Epstein kan ha ofredat över 1000 kvinnor – Vissa 12 år gamla — NewsVoice – 25 December, 2019

(NewsVoice) NOTERAT. NewsVoice fortsätter att följa upp fallet Jeffrey Epstein eftersom ”gammelmedierna” inte gör det. Det verkar finnas ett motstånd mot att djupanalysera fallet. En kanal som gjort en seriös djupdykning är 60 Minutes Australia. →

Läs mera & video: 60 Minutes Australia; “Exposing Jeffrey Epstein’s international sex trafficking ring | 60 Minutes Australia” (45:16) via — NewsVoice.se

BREAKING: Epstein trafficking network STILL operational, finds InfoWars investigation… photos, videos — NaturalNews.com – December 24, 2019

(Natural News) InfoWars.com, one of the leading voices in independent media, is breaking a bombshell story tonight, revealing what appears to be strong evidence that the Jeffrey Epstein young girl trafficking network is still operational and still recruiting girls.

As InfoWars is now reporting: →

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Vatican-Led Child Holocaust Surfaces, Covered Up – December 20, 2019

By Judy Byington – April 27, 2018

(BEFORE IT´S NEWS)  Over a million people were slaughtered at the Catholic-run Jasenovac death camp in Croatia. An eyewitness to the Jasenovac atrocities Dr. Srboljub Zivanovic, has led a campaign to uncover the mass graves at the camp and bring the Catholic criminals to justice. Although, it was doubtful he would be successful in making the Vatican responsible for their crimes against humanity.

Back on April 10 2008 a press release disclosed locations of 32 child mass grave sites where some 50,000 missing native children were believed buried on the grounds of mainly Catholic-run Indian Residential Schools across Canada. For ten years continuous requests for excavation have been refused by the Catholic, Anglican, United Church of Canada and Canadian government, all of which operated the schools and hospitals where these mass graves were located. →

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(Video) Utsava Psychic Medium: Is Trump in danger? News about Julian Assange, the Royals, politics and financial Markets – December 8, 2019

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Published Dec. 6, 2019


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