[Video] Sound of Freedom [Official Trailer]

Mel Gibson’s “Sound of Freedom” Movie Trailer(2:22). The true story behind Tim Ballard’s Operation Underground Railroad rescues of children from International Human Se*x Traffic*king. https://www.soundoffreedommovie.com 

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oZE2nod4i0&feature=youtu.be

Lauren Southern djuplodar massmigrationen – Trailer — NewsVoice.se – 16 December, 2018

“An interview with a human trafficker, a perilous journey along Turkey’s beaches with a group of refugees, camping out with migrants in Paris to understand the true nature of the European border crisis, and even a stint in the forests on Europe’s Bulgarian border, Lauren and crew have travelled the breadth of the European border…Trailer

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