Dr. Robert Malone: Resist. The Time is Now | NewsVoice.se

NewsVoice.se – December 24, 2021

The underlying truths of the grossly mismanaged globally coordinated response to the COVID-19 outbreak are becoming increasingly apparent to common citizens throughout the world.

By Dr. Robert Malone | Thetimeisnow.movie

The United States Health and Human Services (HHS) system, once considered the world standard for medical research and for insuring purity, safety, and effectiveness of drugs and vaccines is now being seen by many as corrupt and compromised. Over the next year, additional data documenting and supporting this corruption will continue to emerge. The growing tide of whistleblowers, truth-tellers, and their lawyers will swell to the point that it will overwhelm the censorship and propaganda which the guilty and their accomplices are desperately using to try to hide their duplicity.

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(VIDEO) FDA Advisory panel says NO to widespread use of Pfizer booster shot | NaturalHealth365

by: Edit Lang, staff writer | September 21, 2021


(NaturalHealth365)  Big Pharma and the government have made it clear to the American people: get used to the idea of getting jabbed multiple times a year.  With the help of the propaganda machine – Big Tech and Big Media – the industry has been shaping the narrative for quite a few months now.  Back in April 2021, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said that the probability of people needing a third booster shot of the COVID jab was high.  According to Mr. Bourla’s prediction, “there will be an annual revaccination” as well.

Read more & watch FDA hearing(6:26): https://www.naturalhealth365.com/covid-booster-3980.html