US Election Fraud | November 8, 2020

GNEWS | US Election Fraud

Vote burning, zombie votes, phantom votes…Democrat counterfeiting has gone insane:

Bannon: What happened on Nov. 3 was crystal clear, President Trump has won the second term presidency. All the shenanigans that’s happening now is from the same people who have been waging information warfare on President Trump.

Mayor Giuliani in Philly: mail-in ballots have always been considered to be most prone to fraud, thus law allows both parties to observe the counting:

U.S. Democracy and the Rule of Law will be taken away if Joe B|iden, the proxy for the CCP is elected:

Los Angeles County’s so-called workers are still collecting large amounts of “mail-in ballots” after California has called state :

Insider from Michigan post office claims they were told to postmark mail in ballots that arrived in Nov. 4 as Nov. 3:

Democrats expose corruption that is happening at the Philadelphia Voting Center and the highest levels in Philadelphia:

More evidences shows the financial links among Biden and CCP’s spies:

Leaked text messages show sickening facts about the B|iden family, and friends are involved:

Why did Hunter B|iden fall out with his business partner Eric Schwerin in late 2017?:

Hunter B|iden’s falling apart with his business partner Eric Schwerin continued: Disagreement on the “Windfall”:

Hunter B|iden is suspected of participating in Ye Jianming’s acquisition of Kewen:

Why did Hunter B|iden lose the trust of Ye Jianming and Dong Gongwen

How come Joe B|iden wrote recommendation letter for son of Hunter’s business associate since knowing nothing about his business?

Let Giuliani Tell You Why the B|idens Should Be Indicted:

JiaQi Bao discussed Monkey Island Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) project with Hunter B|iden, Robert B|iden, Gongwen Dong, and Mervyn Yan:

JiaQi Bao Sends Speech Exchange Materials to Various Members of the B|iden Family and Gongwen Dong:

Management Changes in Bohai Harvest RST(Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Co.,Ltd.:

Gongwen Dong and Hunter B|iden co-sign agreement about the Hudson West V LLC banking account:https://gnews .org/527486/

Robert B|iden asked for a money transfer:

Credit: Judy Byington