By THE MEL K SHOW | First published at 18:44 UTC on May 12th, 2021.

Mel K is joined by truth warrior and corruption fighter attorney Susan S again for a breakdown of the fraud perpetrated on we the people in the Maricopa County Arizona election fraud. How can the courts refuse to look at evidence if we the people are their bosses? They no longer are serving us, and nothing proves it more then the travesty of justice in play in AZ. To understand the shananigans in one county we can see the fraud in all counties. Listen to what we have to say, please check out the links, and look at your own county for similarities. We the people must demand justice, and that the DOJ and Judges are working for US! Susan breaks it down like no one else! God Wins! Let’s focus and fight back!!


U.S. 2020 Election: “I Have in My Office Right Now a Huge Bag of Shredded Ballots”: Sidney Powell Drops Bomb During Interview | Trending Politics

By CollinRugg | Trending Politics – December 5, 2020

During an interview on Friday with Grant Stinchfield on Newsmax TV, attorney Sidney Powell gave a big update on how her lawsuits are going in Wisconsin and Georgia.

At one point, Powell dropped a bomb when she stated that she has a “huge bag of shredded ballots” in her office.

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Are We Allowed to Talk About Anything of Importance, Anymore? [Short] — Humans Are Free – December 29, 2019

Social Media Censorship 2019

(Humans Are Free)  Are We Allowed to Talk About Anything of Importance, Anymore?

The short answer is no, we are not allowed to talk about anything of importance anymore.

We can no longer ask questions or state our opinions online without being demonetized, deplatformed or banned. The list of “forbidden subjects” is long, and it is growing longer by the day.

The following statements create the official narrative — one that you can not question unless you want to be censored or banned. Please note that many of these statements are stuff of Orwellian “deoublethink” (accepting two contradictory beliefs as true, simultaneously):

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Mother Mary via Galaxygirl | September 21, 2019 — Voyages of Light

Dear children, I am your Mother Mary. I am overwhelmed with love as I look out across Gaia, gleaming bright with the love-light that you are currently emanating so brilliantly from your heart spaces. The light has won, dear children. The light has won. And so let it in, deep into your tender-most places. Let it in, like the thick soothing honey-love of Mother God as it coats and soothes. Let it in. Let the love-light, the divine breath of the Mother-Father carry you further on your journey, for we, the Company of Heaven, see your weariness and we wish to impart encouragement this night as a prelude to the equinoxes. →

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