UFO ‘Bigger Than Earth’ Flying Past the Sun ‘Spotted’ by NASA Observation Mission — Prepare For Change – March 15, 2020

(Prepare For Change)  The development comes weeks after a camera at the International Space Station spotted an unknown cone-like object that was flying upward. NASA’s STEREO observation mission has spotted what fans of conspiracy theories said is a gigantic UFO flying past the Sun. The incident itself occurred on 29 February, but the footage of it was posted just recently on the channel “Hidden Underbelly 2.0” dedicated to mysterious events and sightings. According to the host, STEREO’s camera filmed the humongous object for four seconds after which it turned off and began working only after the UFO passed. →

Read more & video: “Huge “Ezekiel’s Wheel” Type UFO Spotted In Our Solar System By STEREO A Camera. February 29, 2020″ (2:52) via — Prepare For Change

(Video) UFO Reports, Early and Contemporary: Interview with Peter DavenporT — Latest UFO sightings – February 26, 2020

(Latest UFO Sightings)  Richard interviews Peter Davenport, who since 1994 has been the Director of the National UFO Reporting Center, a repository on the web for UFO reports numbering in the hundreds of thousands. Peter is one of the most knowledgable (and reasonable) students of UFOs, having experienced a dramatic childhood sighting in the 1950s and investigated countless cases. Here they discuss a combination of very early reports dating back to the 1930s, as well as 21st century cases of orbs, triangles, and more.

Video (56:41) via: UFO Reports, Early and Contemporary: Interview with Peter DavenporT — Latest UFO sightings

Viva Air Pilot Captured Cube-like UFO at High Altitude — Latest UFO sightings – February 4, 2020

(Latest UFO Sightings)  An airline pilot has shared incredible footage showing a cube-shaped UFO moving across the sky. The cockpit view shows what appears to be a metallic object flying at a hypersonic speed above Columbia, without any visible means of propulsion. →

Read more & video: “Cube like UFO flying at high altitude captured by Pilot Viva Air” (4:25) via — Latest UFO sightings

(Video) Tube-Shaped UFO Sighting Above Massachusetts(USA) — Latest UFO sightings – January 23, 2020

(Latest UFO sightings)  A video of a puzzling, glittering object seen above Massachusetts has sparked conspiracy claims, just like the weird snake-like UFO sightings that made the rounds online last year.

John Baglio uploaded the video on Facebook. He shot the footage while driving on the highway between Boston and Malden with his son. According to John, he had caught a glimpse of a spinning bright, white object over his head. The UFO is shown moving from one chemtrail to the other, slowly diminishing in size. →

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(Video) Disc-shaped UFO over Volcano Colima, Mexico 19-Jan-2020 — Latest UFO sightings – January 20, 2020


(Latest UFO Sightings)  Some kind of bright flying saucer was caught on tape over Volcano Colima, also known as Volcán de Fuego, part of the Colima Volcanic Complex. This happened on 19th January 2020.

Video: “Large disc shaped UFO captured above the Volcano Colima Mexico.19.01.2020.” (13:59) via — Latest UFO sightings