(Video) Tube-Shaped UFO Sighting Above Massachusetts(USA) — Latest UFO sightings – January 23, 2020

(Latest UFO sightings)  A video of a puzzling, glittering object seen above Massachusetts has sparked conspiracy claims, just like the weird snake-like UFO sightings that made the rounds online last year.

John Baglio uploaded the video on Facebook. He shot the footage while driving on the highway between Boston and Malden with his son. According to John, he had caught a glimpse of a spinning bright, white object over his head. The UFO is shown moving from one chemtrail to the other, slowly diminishing in size. →

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(Video) Disc-shaped UFO over Volcano Colima, Mexico 19-Jan-2020 — Latest UFO sightings – January 20, 2020


(Latest UFO Sightings)  Some kind of bright flying saucer was caught on tape over Volcano Colima, also known as Volcán de Fuego, part of the Colima Volcanic Complex. This happened on 19th January 2020.

Video: “Large disc shaped UFO captured above the Volcano Colima Mexico.19.01.2020.” (13:59) via — Latest UFO sightings

Unidentified flying object in the sky above Los Angeles, Nevada 9-Jan-2020 — Latest UFO sightings

Latest UFO Sightings 2020 – This one was taken over LA on 9th January. Witness report: I shot this video from my backyard in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas, Nevada on the night of January 9, 2020. →

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The Cosmic Secret – A New Documentary That Will Make You Question Your History Books — Collective Evolution – November 19, 2019

(Collective-Evolution)  It’s no secret that the UFO and ET field is rife with controversy, people who don’t agree with one another, and people who are passionately trying to open people’s minds to possibility. Being part of and observing this field for the last decade has been an incredible glimpse into passion and curiosity, but also to the patterns that keep humanity divided. More and more research and information is coming forward – some of it verifiable, and some which are stories and accounts where people must decide for themselves which is true or not. →

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Image of Aliens Seen In A Stabilized Footage — Latest UFO sightings – November 13, 2019

(Latest Ufo Sightings)  Excited by the mystery of a famous video captured in Turkey over a decade ago, some citizens over the internet processed it through a stabilization tool, revealing strange images that could bewilder even seasoned ufologists. The enigma started back when a Turkish night guard Yalcin Yalman began recording a video of bright, crescent-shaped objects that appeared and regularly hovered over the Marmara Sea close to the resort village of Kumburgaz in 2008. →

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(Video) Mongoose: CIA, UFO, JFK, Extraterrestrial, False Flag, & More… — Public Intelligence Blog – November 12, 2019

(Public Intelligence Blog)  Alert Reader summary below the fold.

When you have 43 minutes, please do listen to this interview about how much is now known and proven about the reasons for JFK’s assassination: he wanted a world of peace, he wanted to share with the Soviets our UFO files and start cooperating with them on space exploration since he knew both blocks of influence had similar information and could only cooperate. That is… if Dulles hadn’t been the vengeful greedy psychopath and paranoiac we’ve all learned he truly was. →


Era of Light Report For 11/5/2019: Golden Times, Schumann Resonance, 11:11 Portal — Era of Light

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