VIDEO: Climate ‘Crisis’ And Migrant Crisis – Two Dots On The Same Agenda – David Icke Videocast

By David Icke & Gareth Icke – 11 November, 2022


Personification of the ‘Covid’ hoax and systematic mass murderer | David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast

By David Icke & Gareth Icke – July 7, 2022


Scottish ‘Covid’ powers to be extended by six months

By David Icke & Gareth Icke – February 10, 2022

The Scottish government’s remaining Covid powers are set to be extended for several more months.

Legislation mandating face coverings and vaccine passports was due to expire on 28 February.

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January 7, 2022


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VIDEO: The ‘Omicron’ testing scam and how it works to give the illusion of more cases – David Icke’s Dot-Connect-The-News show on Ickonic | David Icke

By David Icke – December 10, 2021


Andrew Kaufman’s full interview exposing the ‘virus’ scam, ‘variant’ scam and ‘Omicron’ scam