David Wilcock: What’s Really Going On? (Part 2) — Notes w/ Slides by Kat – March 25, 2020

David Wilcock: What’s Really Going On? (Part 2) -- Notes w/ Slides by Kat

SourceDinar Chronicles | By Kat

David Wilcock: What’s Really Going On? Part 2 with Slides 3-23-20

Transcribed by Kat

A little about David Wilcock—his IQ puts him in the genius category, which gives him the ability to retain massive amounts of information.

David can remember every bit of everything he’s ever read or heard. He has an unparalleled grasp on the history of the illuminati, and he connects the dots for us in this masterful video that is a little over 5 hours. He takes us from the gold that was stolen in WWII, through many of the heroes of the resistance—Eisenhower and JFK—to Meg Anon and then Q. →

Video: “David Wilcock on The Great Pandemic II: What’s Really Going On? (NOW WITH SLIDES WORKING!)” (5:15:01) & Partly Transcript via OpDis


(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2114 — Timing Is Everything; It Will Happen On The Patriots Timeline – March 6, 2020

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Report date:03.05.2020

Timing Is Everything, What Does An Economic Transition Look Like? – Episode 2114

The economic system is now transitioning very slowly, all the trade deals will be reworked, the production of rare earth minerals is now shifting, the supply chains are being re-worked, the [CB] is now being forced to lower rates. This is the the first phase of the transition, remember the 70’s when we transitioned to the petro dollar, it is now happening in reverse.


It Will Happen On The Patriots Timeline, Think Logically, Who Holds All The Cards? – Episode 2114b

The clock is ticking down for the [DS], this latest event will not last much longer, so a big push is coming very soon. [CS] comes under fire for threatening the SC. Ukraine investigation moves forward.  FISA Court Bars FBI Officials Involved in Carter Page Spy Warrants. The D’s are now in the process of setting up their candidates for the 2020 election, it won’t be who everyone thinks it will be. Why did the patriots hold off in using the Trump card? The patriots know the playbook, they knew that they would need to use it when the time was right, patriots hold all the cards.


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(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2093 — Trump Prepares To Cut Foreign Aid Budget; Barr Assessing RG Ukraine Info – February 11, 2020

Source: (X22 Report)

Report date: 02.10.2020

Trump Prepares To Cut Foreign Aid Budget, Ready For EU – Episode 2093a

Trump is getting ready to cut the budget. Trump is preparing for the transition and removing foreign aid and other cuts. This has to happen because a lot of this money in the budget cannot be accounted for. Trump is now ready to tackle the EU. The patriots are preparing it all for the transition.


It Was A Trap, Barr Assessing RG Ukraine Info, Rudy Has The “Insurance File” – Episode 2093b

The [DS] was completely trapped by the patriots. The patriots knew their playbook and led them down the path they wanted them to go. Trump and the patriots have just drained more of the swamp. Barr is now assessing RG Ukraine info. Arrest are coming soon and the attacks are going to intensify.


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Alexandra Bruce: Burisma Whistleblower Bombshell — Bidens, Clintons, Democrats Stole Almost All of the US Aid Money Given to Ukraine — Public Intelligence Blog – February 9, 2020

Burisma Whistleblower Bombshell

(Public Intelligence Blog)  A high-level person currently at Burisma Holdings in Ukraine is in possession of many documents that expose how the company has been used to steal virtually all of the money coming to Ukraine from USAID and how this money was diverted, laundered and kicked back. →

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The Biden Crime Family — Era of Light – February 6, 2020

truth must be told eraoflightdotcom

(Era of Light)

With Trump’s impeachment appearing to be winding down, the Democrats are still crying about a cover-up and not being allowed to call witnesses including John Bolton, who the Dem’s were sure would contradict the President’s version of events. I say, what does it matter? There was already public interest in the Biden’s nepotism, clear conflicts of interest, and the appearance of criminality for over a year before Trump mentioned it to Ukraine’s new President Zelensky on their July 25th phone call. ⇲

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(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2087 — [CB] Plan Backfires In China, Let The DEC[L]AS Begin – February 4, 2020

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Report date: 02.30.2020

Message Sent To Fed, [CB] Plan Backfires In China – Episode 2087a

France is now trying to place rules on the UK, where they must have a common rule on trade. The UK will now establish trade with other countries and the US. The [CB] plan in China is having the reverse effect, companies are now looking at their options and might be thinking about moving out of China. Trump sent a message to the Fed and now it seems that the message has been received.


Graham Activated, Message Received, Let The DEC[L]AS Begin – Episode 2087b

The [DS]/D’s are struggling with the fake impeachment, they did not prove their case, actually the opposite happened, they introduced evidence against, JB, Crowdstrike, Ukraine and election interference and now the patriots can use this against them. Graham was activated, its time, the signal that the declas is coming just went out, it’s all about to happen.


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The Ukraine Holocaust – February 3, 2020

By Greg Rubini – January 30, 2020

C CIARAM3LLA is involved in much darker things than you can imagine.
Joe Biden, John Brennan, & Barack Obama are also in it.
and Victoria Nuland.

The Ukraine Holocaust →

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