Underground Prison Cages for Children – April 9, 2020

Warning Disturbing Content

April 7, 2020

(New Dimension) What kind of people would kidnapped children by the millions year after year,  adopt them and send them into underground prison/cage, and or breed them by the thousands as though they are just farmed animals?  These are the questions that need to be answered.  It is also reported that not just children but also teenagers and women are taken as sex slaves into these underground facilities.  And they have been doing these things around the world for thousands of years.  So far, the United States is the largest source for these children followed by the United Kingdom and Germany.  These underground network of tunnels, bunkers, cities/villages are interconnected worldwide. →

Read more & video: “RESCUE MISSION/CENTRAL PARK,children in tunnels?” (19:52) via New Dimension

Credit: Judy Byington-OpDis