VIDEO: Mel K & Section 230 Warrior Jason Fyk | Saving Free Speech & Defeating Censorship 11-23-22

The Mel K Show – Published November 23, 2022

Please learn more & help save free speech & defeat censorship here:

We The People must stand strong. stay united, resolute, calm and focus on the mission – God Wins!


The Global Walkout: A unified pushback against the globalist agenda

The Global Walkout

A unified pushback against the globalist agenda

ONE STEP AT A TIME, hand in hand, we will walkout from the globalist society they are trying to enslave us.

GLOBAL WALKOUT…starts September 4th at 8pm GMT

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Dutch farmers are calling. Will you answer? July 23rd 2022, worldwide

#BREAKING: A video has emerged which calls for a united support demonstration for the Dutch farmers with farmers, truckers, fisherman and more. This will be held on the 23rd of July and has asked for the support of the UK, USA, France, Italy, Germany, Australia, Canada and more.


President Trump Asks For Your Help | The Marshall Report

The Marshall Report | By Dianne MarshallApril 30, 2022

President Trump is asking for anyone who has any January 6th video footage to please send it to him – Nancy Pelosi is holding all the film footage hostage….listen to Live From America video for this information and more. You can send any and all video footage to:

Read more & video(1:14:23): President Trump Asks For Your Help – — The Marshall Report

VIDEO: Mel K With Journalist Michelle Malkin & CO Candidate Dave Williams Fighting Tyranny 4-14-22

By The Mel K Show – Published April 14, 2022 

Mel is pleased to welcome the brave & bold journalist & author Michelle Malkin & America first Colorado congressional candidate Dave Williams. Thank you patriots for fighting for our country and way of life. Nothing can stop we the people united and standing!

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By Elena Danaan – April 6, 2022

These are genuine advice to help you go through these times of confusion. Do not fall into the trap by feeding the dividing agenda of the enemy. What I am saying here is the honest truth. Raw. Because this is my job and I am here to help you and guide you throughout this dark night, whatever it costs me. Dawn is here, soon. Time will clear the mess because you know, lies never stand the test of time. Keep united, do not change your feelings towards those who decided to feed theses agendas. It is their path of learning, acknowledge it and surround them with love. We are all here, on this planet, as one.