Yeshua: Do You Feel the Power of Change and Upliftment? — Era of Light – December 11, 2018

Do you see how much you are doing just by being alive and walking on Earth – living your lives to the best of your loving intentions? Greetings my dearest brother and sisters! Greetings and good morning on this bright and shiny wonderful day! This is your beloved brother and constant companion Yeshua! I AM…..Read more

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 7 December 2018


The realisation that there is an undercurrent of change taking place is becoming apparent to many more people on Earth. It is also being noted that there seems to be more compassion for those souls in need more than ever before. The Human Race is going through a difficult period at present as those who see the greater picture understand the need for action now. More souls than ever are awakening to the needs of the Earth and her people, but struggle to get the support they need. It is a position from which they will emerge victorious but not without a fight.

Some still desire to remain in the old energies and all that they are familiar with, and are reluctant to let them go. Yet the new energies are gaining more power all of the time and it will be impossible to stop the changes from taking place. They will precede the greater changes that will herald the coming of many promised advances that are needed to move out of the old energies. With the dire warnings of an ever increasing warming of the Earth, people will expect or even demand immediate action to prepare for the resultant changes while there is still time. They are taking a lead to get things done and not prepared to wait years for Governments to take worldwide action.

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Wake Up Call – Ohmnipure via Nancy Tate, July 18th

Wake up Call: Ohmnipure, July 18, 2016 I am here this morning to give you a piece of information that is long lasting, while at the same time instantly appreciated. It is some news that hits the headlines and is…Read more

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