Police officer Greg Anderson who told the truth about police brutality was disciplined — NewsVoice – May 12, 2020

Chief of Police, Rod Covey and police officer Greg Anderson. Photos: press photo and own work

(NewsVoice)  DULY NOTED. A police officer named Greg Anderson declared that some of his fellow officers, unfortunately, are enforcing tyrannical orders against US citizens. His speech, made from his police vehicle, went viral. Many people thought his opinions were sane and called for. Many thought: finally, a police officer said was needed to be said, but then came a backlash. Greg Anderson was disciplined and put on paid administrative leave.

This is a statement made by Chief Rod Covey, Port of Seattle Police Department, published on May 12, 2020: →

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5 Targeted Individuals Expose Shocking Electronic Harassment and Torture — The Freedom Articles – October 24, 2019

targeted individuals

There are many Targeted Individuals (TIs) around the world who suffer electronic harassment, gang stalking & touchless torture via new mind control technology (e.g. directed energy weapons [DEWs]).

(The Freedom Articles)  Targeted Individuals (TIs) are those who the Government (via the Military Intelligence Complex of agencies) has picked out to harass, assault and attack – with advanced forms of invisible electronic weapons. This is the new form of 21st century mind control. Some targeted individuals have connections to the military (e.g. come from a military family) but others do not. Many are not activists or whistleblowers, but have had to become one just to survive. These targeted individuals are being electronically stalked and harassed with DEW (Directed Energy Weapons, also known as Scalar Weapons, EM Weapons and Non-Lethal Weapons) which blast the victim’s head with electromagnetic radiation. These assaults can insert ‘voices’ into people’s heads which they mistake for their own thoughts, can induce severe negative emotions (depression, suicidality) and can even cause paralysis and death. Sadly, many targeted individuals are thought of as crazy and sometimes are thrown into a psychiatric ward just for speaking out publicly and exposing the truth of how they are being assaulted. However, the phenomenon is conspiracy fact not conspiracy theory and is all too real. Even some government officials (e.g. this Polish minister) have admitted as much. What follows are 5 of many TI cases. →

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