(Video) SGTreport: SILENT CRY, GLOBAL HORROR — Josh Peck

By SGTreport – Oct 8, 2020

Author and filmmaker Josh Peck joins me to discuss his powerful and important new documentary ‘Silent Cry: The Darker Side of Trafficking’.

Video(58:04): https://youtu.be/zK8yfHhUYWo

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Trump Wins Debate Big, Voters Turning Red, Economy Needs Help | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 451 10.02.2020)

Despite the unfairness of the debate between President Trump and former VP Joe Biden, Trump still destroyed Dem candidate Biden.  This was despite the fact that moderator Chris Wallace was also debating President Trump on behalf of Biden.  Also, Trump’s microphone was noticeably turned down compared to Biden and Wallace.  There is no doubt about this as you can go back and listen to it and measure it on a meter.  This is too stupid to be stupid, and it is simply a dirty trick to try subtly minimize Trump in the debate.  There is also speculation that Biden got the questions ahead of time and that he had help by wearing an earpiece and special contact lenses that would act as a teleprompter.  This may or may not be true, but who cares.  Trump won and Biden got beat.

Read more & video: “Greg Hunter – Weekly News Wrap-Up 10.02.2020” (48:27) via — Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

(Video) Watch In Full: Trump versus Biden in the first US Presidential election debate | Sky News

Source: Sky News

Sept 30, 2020US President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden go head-to-head in the first 2020 US election debate on 29 September.

Watch the debate here in full.

Video(1:35:59): https://youtu.be/K8Z9Kqhrh5c

Soros-Backed Orgs Gear Up to Throw US Into Anarchy if Trump Re-Elected | Humans Are Free – Sept 29, 2020

Soros Backed Orgs Gear Up To Throw Us Into Anarchy If Trump Re Elected

Humans Are Free | by Doug Mainwaring

A coalition of grassroots groups spread throughout all 50 states could be acting in conjunction with political allies to set the stage for mayhem in November.

Billionaire George Soros is behind a vast coalition of left-wing advocacy groups gearing up to launch a massive “resistance” movement if Democrat Joe Biden is anything but the clear winner on Election Day, an investigative report by Breitbart has found.

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(Video) Michael Jaco: Over a million children recovered from underneath Australia – Sept 27, 2020

Source: Michael Jaco

Streamed live on Sep 9, 2020

Deep State arrests and executions updates and confirmations. Deep Underground Military Bases being destroyed in UK, Philippines and Australia. Fires being started up and down the west coast by the Deep State.

Read more & video(57:22): https://youtu.be/I_5ZcB_Bhc4

(Video) X22Report Spotlight: The Patriots Are Now Exposing The [DS] To The Entire World:M3thods – Sept 27, 2020

Source: X22Report Spotlight

Sept 26, 2020

M3thods talks about the current situation in the US. The people are waking up, they no longer believe the [DS]/MSM. The [DS] are preparing to push their agenda before and after the election, prepare for riots and chaos when they lose the election. The silent majority is much larger than the [DS]/MSM realize. The patriots are now declassifying all documents which will expose the [DS] to the world.

Video(37:36): https://youtu.be/8c6EWCwQLVU

(Video) X22Report Spotlight: People Are Waking Up To [DS] Events, The [DS] World Control Agenda Is Failing: Claudio Grass – Sept 25, 2020

Source: X22Report Spotlight

Sept 24, 2020

Today’s Guest: Claudio Grass

Claudio discusses the virus event. That the people are not buying it anymore, the hospitalization rate is close to zero, the death rate is close to zero and this less harmful than the flu. The [DS] is now pushing their agenda for total control, but the people are waking up and the people are banning together. Claudio also discusses on how the [CB] are using the crisis to cover up the global economy implosion. Gold will continue to move up, but the [CB] will try to push it down.

Video(56:51): https://youtu.be/5I1FAqHpTdk

(Video x 2) X22 Report: Episode 2284 — Economic Battle Being Waged, Welcome to the 15th Round – Sept 23, 2020

Source: X22 Report News Flash

The Economic Battle Is Now Being Waged, Control Is With The Patriots – Episode 2284a

The economic battle has begun, the next 40 days or so will be a battle, the bad guys will try to bring the market down and the good guys will push it up. Trump has the magic wand, no matter what they try, the [DS] is not in control.

Video(18:31): https://youtu.be/LnbO17q8WFY

Welcome To The 15th Round, Knockout Coming, Truth And Facts, Panic In DC – Episode 2284b

The [DS]/MSM hard getting hit from all sides, each event is now being exposed and people are waking up. October is approaching and messages are being sent. The candidate swap is on deck. The report from the Senate has been released and it doesn’t look good for JB. Welcome to the 15th round, knockout coming. Crimes against humanity, Assange, Treason are now all coming together. It is almost time to harvest the corn.

Video(44:48): https://youtu.be/lvD5ucdRC94

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