Several New York Times Staff Previously Worked for CCP-Controlled Media: Report | The Epoch Times

The Epoch Times | BY ISABEL VAN BRUGEN April 10, 2021 Updated: April 10, 2021

Several current New York Times staffers were previously employed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-controlled English-language newspaper China Daily, which has in recent years paid U.S. media millions of dollars to publish its state-approved content.

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Trafficked Children, Bodies, Weapons Found on Evergreen Ship Blocking Suez Canal

By Judy Byington – April 1, 2021 | BEFORE IT´S NEWS

Over a thousand trafficked children and dead bodies have been rescued out of shipping containers in the Suez Canal by US Navy Seals. Sources say that as of this writing, children were still being rescued and bodies discovered in Evergreen’s 18,000+ containers. The containers were on an Evergreen Corporation ship that blocked the Canal from Tues. 23 March to Mon 29 March, causing billions in lost revenue to shipping companies internationally.

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Covid Vaccine Lies, More YouTube Covid Censorship, Economic Update | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 473 3.26.2021)

Just about everything we have been told about Covid is a lie or lies by omission.  We are told the Vaccine is the only way to beat Covid.  We are also told there are no other treatments available. Those are lies.  We are not told that the so-called vaccine is “experimental” and that all these so-called vaccines were only approved on an emergency basis.  We are not told that these vaccines permanently alter your DNA with genetic engineering and that vaccine manufacturers have zero liability if you are permanently injured or die from a shot.

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[Video x 2] X22 Report: Episode 2432 — What Is Happening With The Economy | March Madness, Public Will Know Soon

By X22 Report – March 21, 2021

Ep. 2432a – Do Understand What Is Happening With The Economy, People Must Be Shown

Companies are now scrambling and moving out of states that are proposing higher tax rate. The patriots need to show the people the difference between a system that devalues it’s currency compared to a system that retains its value.


Ep. 2432b – March Madness, Public Will Know Soon, When Does A Bird Sing?

The patriots have but Biden on display for the world to see, we are now witnessing March madness. Election laws are changing and Trump is preparing to return to the stage. The public will soon know the truth, 11.4 is actionable, the outer fence around DC will be removed. Trump preparing to unveil his new social media site.


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[Video x 2] X22 Report: Episode 2431 — Transition Into A New Economy Continues | Watch The Water, Boomerang

By X22 Report – March 19, 2021

Ep. 2431a – Patriots Exposed China & [JB], Transition Into A New Economy Continues

Newsom has an economic problem on his hand, there are 160,000 humans living on the streets and it that number is growing, maybe thats why people want him recalled. [JB] administration met with Chinese reps, this meeting showed who controlled who, [JB] is now under the control of the Chinese. The transition is moving forward and it is happening in the background.


Ep. 2431b – Watch The Water, Boomerang, Epstein, Story Goes Much Deeper

 The patriots are now exposing the [DS] to all the people. As each day passes more information is coming out and it is boomeranging on them. The patriots are continually sending messages to the patriots. Trump and the partiots are hitting the [DS] from every side. Dan Scavino tells us to watch the water, Mike Pompeo tells us to watch Iran.


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By THE MEL K SHOW | First published at 04:21 UTC on March 15th, 2021.

Mel & Rob spend some quality time digging into the truth we are all living. Today we shed some light on what we know, what’s happening and what we can do about it. Hold the line patriots and buckle up. God Wins !


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[Video x 2] X22 Report: Episode 2426 — Corrupt Politicians Just Exposed There Economic Corruption | The End Won’t Be For Everyone

By X22 Report – March 14, 2021

Ep. 2426a – The Corrupt Politicians Just Exposed There Economic Corruption

The corrupt politicians are now being exposed. The stimulus bill is not going to the people it is going to their corrupt elite. People are now noticing that the math does not add up. The patriots trapped them in their own game, when the people are awake they can see clearly and think logically.


Ep. 2426b – Clowns Attacking, The Floor Is Yours, The End Won’t Be For Everyone

The patriots are in full control. Messages are now being sent out to the people. The [DS]/MSM have fallen right into their trap. The patriots are now preparing to pull back the curtain. The virus is being removed by the same [DS] that put it into place. Trump can see those who are not for the people. Flynn lets us know we are at the precipice, the war will be won by the patriots.


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Robert David Steele Mirror: Sidney Powell Explosive Interview! Retaking American Freedom! – Must Video

By John Rolls (Reporter) – March 11, 2021



 the marshall report


Sidney Powell is not going to give up and the evidence she has, once she can get a court to listen is off the charts. Remember, last November Sidney told us that people in Germany saw the results before the Dominion machines were seized: Trump received 410 Electoral College votes and Joe Biden received 128 Electoral College votes.….

Read more & video: Sidney Powell – Exclusive: GOOD MORNING! SIDNEY POWELL SAYS – IT’S NOT OVER! — THE MARSHALL REPORT