Video x 2: X22 Report 2476 — Patriots Out Smarted The [CB] | Who Will Be Next, Watch NY

By X22 Report – Published May 12, 2021

Ep. 2476a – Patriots Out Smarted The [CB], Inflation, Tariffs, Boom

The entire [CB] plan is backfiring, more and more governors are doing the opposite of [JB] and the [CB]. Everything is  about to change in specific states. Reports of inflation coming, the Biden admin try to down play it. The Energy Sec says it is not a gas shortage but a crunch. Trump and the patriots outsmarted the [CB], it’s happening.


Ep. 2476b – Who Will Be Next, Watch NY, Patriots Planned & Set The Trap, Justice

Trump and the patriots setup the largest sting operation the world has ever seen, the [DS] is so arrogant they thought they beat Trump at this own game, this is what he was counting on. [JB] is now in the spotlight, he has more happening to him in the first 100 days than any other President. Fauci is now in being looked out for his involvement in the virus. The Clinton Foundation is back in the news. Scavino sends a message to watch NYC. Trump lets everyone know that Justice is coming.


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WORTHLESS MASKS: We always knew the masks were about control, not safety… now we’ve been proven right |

May 11, 2021 by: S.D. Wells

(Natural News) Recently, the hosts of ABC’s “The View” apologized for the CDC having failed to trick people better about getting vaccinated, by letting people who have gotten vaccinated take off their masks. Referring to all people who are opposed to vaccination as “dumb hillbillies,” the bigoted shills showed their true colors. The so-called “lone conservative” co-host, Meghan McCain, indirectly called the CDC’s move psychotic and questioned the entire premise of vaccination, in that dumbfounded way that epitomizes daytime television talk shows, “If the vaccine works, why do we have to wear masks?” The answer is that communism only works if people have no value except as proletariat (working class) clones, so the masks will never come off, with or without vaccines, but of course, they can’t say THAT live on the air, or everybody gets fired.

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Video: Jeffrey Prather interviews Mike Adams about covid, pine needle tea, Native medicine and more | Health Ranger Report

Health Ranger Report – May 12, 2021

BREAKING! This video was removed from YouTube yesterday after a strike for “medical misinformation”. Please watch this video, share it with friends and leave a comment.

The Health Ranger, is an outspoken consumer health advocate, award-winning investigative journalist, internet activist, and science lab director. He is the founder and editor of, the internet’s most-trafficked natural health news website. His take on the vax, shedding, spike protein, and more!


All is an Illusion 1/3 | The Final Wakeup Call

Toxic allopathic versus natural homeopathic medicines

Food Crime

Free to choose

National Debt is not existent, it is Fake

By The Final Wakeup Call – May 12, 2021

You are infected through Self-Replicating bio vaccines

On one side, there are the Dark Forces that have had almost unlimited free reign on the surface of the planet for hundreds of thousands of years, but now on the other side are the Light Forces, the Digital Soldiers and the Patriots that are making great efforts and progress to remove these negative forces as soon as they can.

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Nederlands: Alles is een illusie 1/3:

Giftig allopathisch versus natuurlijk homeopathische medicijnen Voedselmoord Vrij om te kiezen Nationale Schuld bestaat niet, dit is Nep    Je wordt besmet door zelf-replicerende bio-vaccins Aan de ene kant staan de Duistere Krachten die al honderdduizenden jaren bijna onbeperkt vrij…Continue Reading

Deutsch: Alles ist eine Illusion 1/3:

Toxische allopathische vs. natürliche homöopathische Arzneimittel Lebensmittelmord Freie Wahl Die Staatsverschuldung existiert nicht, sie ist gefälscht   Sie werden von selbstreplizierenden Bio-Impfstoffen infiziert Auf der einen Seite stehen die dunklen Kräfte, die seit Hunderttausenden von Jahren fast unbegrenzt freien Lauf…Continue Reading

Español: Todo es una ilusión 1/3:

Los medicamentos alopáticos tóxicos frente a los homeopáticos naturales Crimen alimentario Libertad de elección La deuda nacional no existe, es falsa   Estás infectado a través de biovacunas autorreplicantes Por un lado, están las Fuerzas Oscuras que han tenido un…Continue Reading

Video: EPISODE 6 (PART1): DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS! | Lee Dawson & David Mahoney

By Dr Charlie Ward | First published at 20:08 UTC on May 11th, 2021.

Welcome to the new Uncensored Real News and Sensitive Intel Channel from Dawson and Mahoney at Digital Warrior Productions!
There is no holding the boys back now on their quest to expose the lies and corruption of the Main Stream Media, Governments and Heath Care workers around the world!



By THE MEL K SHOW | First published at 19:31 UTC on May 11th, 2021.

Mel K is joined by Historian and Author Susan Bradford is an expert in the history and evolution of the Bloodline Families who seek to enslave humanity into their Great Reset One World Government Matrix. Not even close to conspiracy theory, the bloodline cabal has spent decades deceiving humanity, creating debt slavery worldwide, and financing both sides of every war for their own personal gain and devious goals. Anti God, Anti Freedom, Anti American these same bloodlines are currently running the Joe Biden White House, the Media and Hollywood, and all of our banking institutions, as we the people suffer under their Operation Lockstep Covid plan to steel our sovereignty as well as that of all God loving nations worldwide. A must watch video for those who doubt this is a war between Good and Evil..the consequences for humanity are dire if we do not weed these demonic possessed individuals out of hiding, expose the truth to light, and end their reign of terror once and for all. God wins! The road ahead will be rough, but humanity will in the end be victorious. #GodBlessAmerica #GodWins

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