(VIDEOS) Worldwide protests erupt against deadly vaccines that are KILLING people at an alarming rate | NaturalNews.com

(Natural News) Protests are erupting around the globe. It has become increasing clear: Mandatory vaccines equal mandatory suffering, dependence and death. Cities in Canada, Europe and Australia are in a constant state of protest now, as people fight back to reclaim their rights, their sovereignty, their health and their life. As governments and corporations demand…

Worldwide protests erupt against deadly vaccines that are KILLING people at an alarming rate — NaturalNews.com


By SGT Report – First published at 19:04 UTC on October 2nd, 2021.

California becomes first state to REQUIRE students be VAXXED to attend school, Feinstein demands vax passports to fly domestically, liberal SCOTUS says NYC teachers have no right to refuse the experimental jab, and the National School Boards Association is begging Biden to surveil all parents who go to School Board meetings to have their voices heard as “extremists “and “terror threats”. Welcome to the land of the formerly free, and the home of the brave.

Video(14:15): https://www.bitchute.com/video/gIKiikMEwIp5/

SHOCKING report from Canada: 106 young people hospitalized due to heart inflammation after receiving mRNA jab | NaturalHealth365

by: Sara Middleton, staff writer | September 11, 2021


(NaturalHealth365) With more than 54 million doses of the COVID shot administered in the country, approximately 68.6% of the Canadian population is considered “fully vaccinated,” although this could change depending on booster shot rollouts.

Now, less than a year into the controversial jab rollout and subsequent mandates, hundreds of people within the province of Ontario alone have developed a potentially dangerous and costly health condition after their Moderna or Pfizer injection.

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