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Sananda via Christine Preston, June 20th, 2016


Master Jesus: Now Is The Time


Christine: The following are tele-thought transmissions I have received from the Master Jesus this morning in meditation. I have memorized our conversation, then received some thought forms and telepathic transmissions as I was recalling and writing down this message. It will be followed by an actual dictation from the Master Jesus, word for word, that I have taken down as he was transmitting it by telepathic communication, just a few minutes ago. Normally my ascended twin flame Andre gives me a dictation in this kind of circumstance but he is not always available now, due to preparing for what I call his descent, which will be a time of Reunion with our higher-dimensional family which will take place in the not too far distant future, any time after the end of 2016. So here are the notions that the Master Jesus has passed on to me this morning:

Master Jesus:

In the USA, as well as many other nations, people are in a battle which has been called the Armageddon of the psyche and in this psychological conflict, what is becoming apparent is that condemnations are being used as a weapon for criticism in reaction to the debates in which the candidates for the Elections of 2016 are taking part. Then, when people don’t resonate with something that has been stated, the strategy of claiming that one candidate in particular is ‘being divisive and is spreading hate’ has been used.

However, in reality, hate can only be projected by the person who feels it or experiences it. And people should not allow themselves to hate or have feelings of hate. When there is disagreement they should draw a line and not involve the feeling world in those arguments relating to political issues and policies, or even culture or religion, or national security matters, they should deal with the issues in an intellectual way as they are accountable for their feelings in the same way as they are for their actions or deeds. There is a problem because people create turmoil and chaos when they are not able to control their feelings and deal with what they regard as controversial matters. Negative and violent feelings such as hate can lead to violent actions, or reactions, which people may allow themselves to have because of their beliefs. Leaving the matter of the latter, as well as the question of extremism and fanaticism, let your attention be drawn to the contrast in which an analyst and journalist can approach controversial ideas and issues with calm in discussions, although at the same time, some shows are purposely devised to discredit the opponent and they end up in heated arguments.
However, it is up to you to only generate love and separate intellectual arguments from the realm of feelings. So ‘Broadcast Love, not hate’ should be the motto today, just as decades ago, in the sixties, in that era of sexual liberation, people said ‘Make love, not war.’ Today you are experiencing a different kind of liberation, one from a secretive anarchy that has controlled mankind, and indoctrinated it with erroneous notions. A revolution in spirit and consciousness is taking place. The liberation comes from the 7th Ray of Saint Germain and the impulse of cosmic energies projected to Earth in this Age of Aquarius, the Hierarchy of which is Saint Germain who has been known for centuries as the Count of Saint Germain, and has a reputation as the ‘man who never dies’. The Violet Transmuting Flame also is the energy of forgiveness that erases the records, their causes and cores and memory. Its liberating effects will also cause the restoration of the Rights relating to every human being in the time of Transition to a Quantum Leap to the Fifth Dimension in some years to come, in terms of coming changes to your physicality. The true Democracy of the founding fathers will be resurrected and America is still promised to function as an example to other nations, when corruption is abolished and righteousness is resurrected in the land. Its truth and values have been desecrated because of the infiltration of dark powers in the government to its core, and therefore the Divine representatives have not ruled over men. ‘God over men’ is what government is supposed to be but has not been for many decades. Now is the time for that descent, externalization, or manifestation. A revolution is taking place but as people are trying to work out who to follow, who is telling the truth, there is a whirlpool of negative reactions as well as an attempt of control on the part of those forces that have had a dark agenda and fear to lose control. However, you can recognize truth when you hear it, if you already know it because you have magnetized the Light of Christ consciousness…..

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