Timelines and the Dissolution of the illuminati! | Adamu — Voyages of Light – August 14, 2019

August 13, 2019
By Suzanne Maresca

The recent update by Zingdad was rather densely packed with information, and a bit on the long side. Many of us prefer reading to watching and listening, sometimes simply for the time factor involved.

This particular video is plump with Light intel that’s quite helpful if not instrumental in our moving forward on the awakening journey. One listen might not be enough, and because there may be many who won’t be taking the time to watch, I’ve gone through again to take notes.

Video & transcript via Timelines and the Dissolution of the illuminati! | Adamu — Voyages of Light

Daily Message ~ Thursday October 12, 2017


Dear Ones, surrender with intention is your new go-to power tool as you learn how to work with the new energies. It allows you to beyond feeling helpless if you don’t know the next steps, into empowered movement, utilizing all of the universal help available to you. It is the most efficient way to move forward into how you wish to express yourselves and your preferred ways of being.

More and more you will remember to redirect yourselves from engaging with the energy of problems or blockages into simply surrendering into your highest solutions, which is making the profound shift from victim consciousness into authentic power. This is consciously making the decision to use the new operating system that is fully supported in this next phase of your enlightenment process, which will lead you to the experience of far greater grace and ease so many of you have been yearning for. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


Credit: Galactic Free Press