UFO ‘Bigger Than Earth’ Flying Past the Sun ‘Spotted’ by NASA Observation Mission — Prepare For Change – March 15, 2020

(Prepare For Change)  The development comes weeks after a camera at the International Space Station spotted an unknown cone-like object that was flying upward. NASA’s STEREO observation mission has spotted what fans of conspiracy theories said is a gigantic UFO flying past the Sun. The incident itself occurred on 29 February, but the footage of it was posted just recently on the channel “Hidden Underbelly 2.0” dedicated to mysterious events and sightings. According to the host, STEREO’s camera filmed the humongous object for four seconds after which it turned off and began working only after the UFO passed. →

Read more & video: “Huge “Ezekiel’s Wheel” Type UFO Spotted In Our Solar System By STEREO A Camera. February 29, 2020″ (2:52) via — Prepare For Change

Stunning Video: Dubai Shows Off Human Jet Pack That Does 150MPH — Activist Post – February 19, 2020

By Tyler Durden

It was just days ago that we reported about Disney’s new dystopian flying robotic acrobats that were taking the place of stunt actors and were capable of performing flips and changing body positioning in mid-flight. →

Read more & Stunning Video: Dubai Shows Off Human Jet Pack That Does 150MPH — Activist Post

(Video) Robert Kennedy Jr berättar om riskerna med HPV-vaccinet — VAKEN.se – 4 Februari, 2020

(VAKEN.se)  RT Amercia intervjuade Robert Kennedy Jr om riskerna med HPV-vaccin. Biverkningar och skador av vaccinet är omfattande.

Video: “RT America Interviews Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.” (20:28) via — VAKEN.se

(Video) NEW sighting from UFO hospot ECETI ranch, WA — Latest UFO sightings – December 29, 2019

(Latest UFO Sightings)

New UFO footage was recorded from UFO hotspot ECETI ranch in Washington on 23rd December 2019.

Video: “Eceti Ranch Breaking News A flotilla of 31 Ships caught on Video” (5:43) via: http://www.latest-ufo-sightings.net/2019/12/new-sighting-from-ufo-hospot-eceti-ranch-wa.html

Ny video visar hur deepfake-tekniken kan utnyttjas — Nya Dagbladet.se – 25 November, 2019


Vid ett bord sitter programledaren Mark Ellis och samtalar med Tom Cruise, George Lucas, Robert Downey Jr och Ewan McGregor. Åtminstone ser det ut så. I verkligheten är dock ingen av gästerna på plats utan det är skådespelare som med hjälp av AI-teknik ser ut som kändisarna. →

Läs mera & video: “Deepfake Roundtable: Cruise, Downey Jr., Lucas & More – The Streaming Wars | Above the Line” (15:13) via  — Nya Dagbladet.se