Coronavirus vitamin solution NOT revealed by the mainstream media or government health agencies — NaturalHealth365 – February 13, 2020


NaturalHealth365) As you may know, NaturalHealth365 has been a proponent of vitamin C for a wide variety of infectious diseases.  Naturally, many of our readers have been quite concerned about the most recent news about the coronavirus outbreak in China.

Well, today, I have some very good news – about a way to protect yourself naturally – coming from our friends over at the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service (OMNS).  The editor, Andrew W. Saul, PhD has outlined a scientifically valid way to keep your immune system strong.  Enjoy the read!! →

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Anna Von Reitz: About the Virus – February 8, 2020

Source: (Paul Stramer)

By Anna Von Reitz

Thursday, February 6, 2020

This virus was specially engineered to take out colored people— Chinese, Koreans, Africans, Indians — by the Nazi “Pure Blood” Eugenists —the same ones who are pushing the whole depopulation agenda. It is especially aimed at Asian and African males and works by shutting down their cellular energy transfer system, similar to shutting off the flow of electrical current in a machine. They just shut down all at once — 

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Scared of Coronavirus? Studies Reveal Simple Protection — Activist Post – February 1, 2020

(Activist Post)

By Laraine C. Abbey-Katzev, RN (emeritus), MS, CNS

WAKE-UP mainstream medicine–you’ve already got a life-saving treatment that prevents deaths from viruses!!

Drum-roll please….

It’s safe, cheap vitamin C!

To say it takes a while for new things to catch on is an understatement as vitamin C’s ability to protect health and destroy infectious diseases and toxins goes way back into the 1940s with stunning results reported by Duke University Medical School graduate Fredrick R. Klenner, MD.

Dr. Klenner tells us “When proper amounts are used, it [vitamin C] will destroy all virus organisms.” With polio being no exception, massive-dose ascorbate [vitamin C] treatment cured every one of his 60 polio cases. There was zero paralysis.

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Johnson & Johnson Advised Coronavirus Simulation and Now Stands To Gain Financially With New Vaccine — Activist Post – January 28, 2020

By Spiro Skouras

(Activist Post)  Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security hosted Event 201, a high-level pandemic exercise focused on a coronavirus outbreak — yes they ran a simulation of exactly what we see unfolding right now, before it happened! →

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Did Bill Gates & World Economic Forum Predict Coronavirus Outbreak? An Inside Look May Shock You! — Activist Post – January 26, 2020






By Spiro Skouras

(Activist Post)  In this report we take an inside look at Event 201, which took place in NYC on October 18 2019. Event 201 is a high-level pandemic exercise hosted by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

This is extremely fascinating because this pandemic simulation exercise of coronavirus took place about 6 weeks before the first illness from the coronavirus was actually reported in Wuhan, China. That is one hell of a coincidence if you believe in that sort of thing. Another fascinating connection is the fact that not only did the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation participate in and help set up the pandemic simulation of a coronavirus outbreak, but they just so happen to fund the group who owns the patent to the deadly coronavirus and are already working on a vaccine to solve the current crisis. Again, an incredible coincidence… →

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Man Who Pushed SARS Dud Now Pushing New Chinese Virus — Activist Post – January 24, 2020

By Jon Rappoport

(Activist Post)  First, a few updates. Things are moving fast.

The Chinese government has locked down Wuhan, a city of 11 million people, owing to the “threat of the coronavirus.” There are also travel restrictions in several other Chinese cities. What does all this prove?

Answer: Nothing. →

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20 Million Quarantined as “Deadly” Coronavirus Reaches the U.S. — The Truth About Cancer – January 24, 2020

Breaking News Coronavirus

(TheTuthAboutCancer)  In the wake of a new respiratory virus, Chinese authorities have shut down at least 5 cities, impacting tens of millions of people. The coronavirus, which first appeared only a month ago, has infected more than 630 people and is responsible for at least 17 deaths so far. The World Health Organization (WHO) is expected to declare a global health emergency sometime today. →

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