Biden Administration Urges Court Not To Allow Release of Secret Report On Dominion Voting Machines | GreatGameIndia

By GreatGameIndia – February 14, 2022

Good-government organizations and voters filed the lawsuit in 2017, claiming that the absence of paper ballots compromises the election. This comes amidst the efforts of the Biden administration urging the court not to allow the release of a secret report on the Dominion Voting Machines.

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More Fraud in New Jersey’s Election Uncovered – Voting Machines Would Not Allow Citizens to Vote for Republican Governor Candidate

The Gateway Pundit | By Joe Hoft – Published November 4, 2021

Two incidents of voters being unable to select the Republican candidate for governor in New Jersey have been unearthed.

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President Trump Set The Record For Most Votes For Any Sitting President In US History | HAF

President Trump Set The Record For Most Votes For Any Sitting President In Us History

Humans Are Free – December 27, 2020 | by Joe Hoft

This is the greatest crime in US history. President Trump set the record for the most votes of a sitting president in US history but the Democrats, most Republicans, Big TechBig MediaBig Pharma and China all continue to push for his removal and the Joe Biden steal.

Americans everywhere know who won the 2020 election for President. President Trump set the record for the most votes in US history. He accumulated over 74 million votes.

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[Video] Millennial Millie Documentary: Revenge of the Kraken

By Millennial Millie – December 24, 2020

You are witnessing an all-or-nothing struggle for the Presidency of the United States. This foreign internal defense sting operation has captured in real time the biggest criminal conspiracy in America history. The winner will control the fate of history for all time – the stakes couldn’t be higher.


[Video x 2] X22 Report: Episod 2359 — Countries against the Great Reset | Military Planning, Think Constitution

By X22 Report – December 21, 2020

Ep. 2359a – [CB] Attacks Those Countries That Are Not Going Along With Their Plan

Congress finally passed the stimulus bill. They are telling all Americans how they really feel. After months they are now giving $600 to each person, where is the rest of the funds going.The [CB] is now pushing forward with their Great Reset plan. Those countries that are not going along with their agenda are being punished.


Ep. 2359b – Pence Waits For The Right Moment To Strike, Military Planning, Think Constitution

The [DS]/MSM are now trapped by the constitution, the law of the land. The election results are not adding up, if we take all registered voters there are 13 million voters than registered voters. Trump has been sending this message to the people. Pence has been waiting in the wings for the right moment to strike. The clock is ticking down.


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By 3D to 5D Consciousness – December 20, 2020

It appears I was correct in my research and prediction of William Barr’s resignation. The deputy Attorney General is going to be the one bringing pain to the Deep Sate. Richard Donoghue has a track record of many successful prosecutions. The CCP suffered a major attack with a leak to the media regarding their 2 million loyalists dispersed all over the world. The Dark Ones countered this attack with one of their own on Solar Winds. Michigan voting machines exposed for very high error rate. The Texas lawsuit exposed, find out the real reason why it was tossed out. I’m exposing more demon rats and their demise. I’m also covering the Great Conjunction that is taking place on Dec. 21, 2020. Get ready for an epic broadcast.


[Video x 2] X22 Report: Episode 2355 — [CB]s To Handle The Pandemic Vaccine | Zuckerberg Election Interference

By X22 Report – December 16, 2020

Ep. 2355a – [CB]s To Handle The Pandemic Vaccine, People Must See It To Believe It

The corrupt politicians are holding back helping the people because they don’t like the other side. Their first priority is to help the people. The US is now labeling certain countries currency manipulators. The WEF is now pushing their Great Reset agenda and they want the [CB] to help with the the vaccination program.


Ep. 2355b – We Have The Source, Assange On Deck, Zuckerberg Election Interference

The [DS]/MSM are panicking, they announced that all 50 states certified the elections but [KH] still has not resigned from the senate, why? The evidence is now being produced and audits are being done, the results are coming in and there is election fraud. PV release a recording of Assange, the patriots have the source, everything is now building upon each other.The AMA admitted that there was no reason to keep HCQ from the people, class action lawsuits can be very effective.


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[Video x 2] X22 Report: Episode 2354 — Trump Pushes On With Deregulating | Case Is Being Built, Crime Of The Century

By X22 Report – December 15, 2020

Ep. 2354a – Trump Pushes On With Deregulating, [CB] Pushes For Darkness

The foot soldiers of the [CB]/[DS] are now pushing darkness. They are preparing to shutdown as many businesses as possible. They will make it impossible for people to make a living, they need to destroy the economy to usher in the reset. Trump continues on, he just deregulated efficiency standards, which will create more jobs and businesses.


Ep. 2354b – The Case Is Being Built, Crime Of The Century, The Eagle Has Landed

The [DS]/MSM are pushing everything they have. They are preparing for the next phase when Trump and the patriots show election fraud. Trump places the pieces into position. The stealth bomber was revealed, the eagle has now landed. Next phase of the election case coming up, we are witnessing the destruction of the old guard, the people will soon learn that this was the crime of the century.


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By Dr Charlie Ward – First published at 09:44 UTC on December 15th, 2020



[Video] X22 Report Spotlight: Dr Shiva – The Elite Have Enslaved Us In Their Illusion, It’s Time To Back The Country

By X22 Report – December 12, 2020

Today’s Guest: Dr. Shiva

Website: VA Shiva

Dr. Shiva created email at the age of 14 in Newark, NJ and has 4 degrees from MIT. 1 degree is a PHD in biological engineering. Dr Shiva begins the discussion with the pandemic. He says the elite are pushing fake science to keep us in fear. Masks don’t work and Fauci is a quack. The election process is not one vote one person, its an algorithm the elite created to control the election process. The elite have given us an illusion of freedom and it is now time to take back this country.


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