An Animation That Beautifully Explores ‘The War On Consciousness’(video) — Collective Evolution – June 29, 2020

By Joe Martino | Collective Evolution

The animation below is great and Graham Hancock’s message in it is also powerful, but I want to address something important quickly before we start, as what I’m about to say is a crucial part of the message we have been working so hard to convey here at CE since inception.

I get that ‘the war on consciousness’ is a figure of speech in the case of this talk, but with 10 years working in this field of journalism and consciousness, I do see many of us getting caught up in the idea that we have to fight and that there is a war to be won.

I see this as a state of consciousness that will keep us locked in a state of disconnection and loss of power. →

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Censorship is the New Front in the War on Consciousness — Waking Times – Aug 17, 2018

Dylan Charles, Editor Waking Times At its core, consciousness is the awareness of being aware. Which is extraordinarily relevant to today’s conversation about the internet censorship being openly carried out by big tech and big government. You see, when looking at this from the microcosmic level, that is, exploring of the vastness of the inner worlds, increasing….Read more

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